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Not exactly a New Guy, but newly motivated

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  • Not exactly a New Guy, but newly motivated

    Hello all.

    I discovered MDA and the Primal lifestyle at the beginning of 2012. I adhered closely to the nutrition aspect of the lifestyle through the first 4 months of the year, and stuck with the exercise aspect throughout most of the year. So while I ended the year at almost exactly the same weight as I started, eliminating "chronic cardio", working in slower cardio (75% MHR at maximum) and lots of lifting heavy things, I ended up with a substantially better body composition if not a lower bodyweight.

    Still, I feel like last year was a little bit of a failure, and am revitalizing my efforts.

    In an effort to lean out a bit. I've added IF (only dinner M-F); I am keeping carbs below 50 (almost all veggies (the carbs, that is), but a protein shake with greek yogurt and whole milk (30-40g of carbs all told) a few times a week; ramping up my sleep to 9-10 hours; and keeping with the exercise plan: 45-60 min of spinning (75% MHR) 5 times a week, lifting heavy things 1-2 times per week, and 2 tabata sessions doing kettelbell swings 1-2 times per week.

    While I am only a week into the plan, I feel great and I don't feel deprived which is jugely important to me being able to stick with it. I think I am running a bit of a caloric deficit just from only eating one meal and avoiding snacks, but it isn't bothering me. My hope is that by combining IF, low carb, and a caloric deficit, I will see some fairly dramatic improvement after a few weeks, which will provide some additional positive reinforcement.

    My 2013 goal is to drop 20-30 pounds from my Jan 1 start of 220# - by "swimsuit season" if possible, and then maintain through the rest of the year. My longer-term goal is to get to the point where I am in good enough shape that I can shift to being 80-90% Primal on occasion, an occasionally indulge in pizza or ice cream with my kids, or eggnog at Christmas, or have a couple of slices of hot bread with butter when I go out to dinner without feeling guilty.

    But since I want to make sure that I don't just lose 10-15 pounds and then figure I can indulge in some of these things and then end up back at my start weight again, I am going to focus on hitting my goal weight, maintaining it for 6 months, and only then start working non-primal foods back in occasionally. And who knows, maybe by then those indulgence foods may lose much of their appeal, making it easier to indulge in moderation.

    We'll see!

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    I'm still here, woot! I'll move this to the Primal Journal section, but I just wanted to do an update since so many people were kind enough to read my initial post.

    I've managed to stick to primal almost 100%, with the exception being that I stupidly ate some breaded chicken in a salad at a work event, which made me really sick (it actually triggered a migraine), which at the time was awful, but in retrospect it was a gift.

    According to the scale I am down about 10 pounds since Jan 1 (I really only kicked off for real on Jan 6), and my clothes are getting a bit baggy.

    Other changes that I've noticed:

    - My appetite is much lower, IF is incredibly (I'm only eating between 6pm and 9pm) easy as long as I have a couple of cups of coffee with heavy cream in the morning. Working out near the tail-end of the fast is also easy, and I am seeing more muscle definition, but sadly, I am still probably a good 30-40 pounds from washboard abs.

    - Although I am not trying to restrict calories, I'm having a hard time consuming more than 1500 calories a day, which being north of 200# doesn't seem like much. My energy levels are great, so I don't think I am starving myself.

    - I have gone from 6-7 hours of sleep to 9-10. My interest in electronic entertainment is diminished, and so most nights I've been going to bed early and reading until I fall asleep.