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    Hey All!

    I am a "newb" to the primal lifestyle.

    I was turned to Marks site about a year ago but at the time was training with a trainer who's advise was going in a little bit different direction that what Mark has outlined. I figured that I was paying for thsi trainer, I may as well at least try what he is telling me. Needless to say I have dropped the trainer because I don't entirely believe in him. I found it difficult moving forward in a positive way with someone who I was always questioning in my mind.

    I have re-stumbled upon Marks Primal Blueprint almost a year after my initial introduction to Marks Daily Apple and decided to look a little bit deeper into what its all about. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!! And it seems so easy to stick to long term!

    I am 25 years old, very muscular but have a bit of extra fat lbs from years of improper nutrition facts and education. And by improper i mean virtually nil. I have spent a fair bit of time of my adult life trying to find something that works for me to feel healthy and to look good and nothing has made so much sense.

    Last Monday I started following the Primal diet and a primal exercise routine . In one week I have lost 5 lbs. I am sure that isn't water weight either because I also upped my water intake. So far I feel less bloated, stronger and more mentally clear. I still have to get Marks book, but so far I am almost through the lessons and I am very happy with what I am reading, because it is just so intuitive! I am telling everyone I know about it and It makes so much sense to them as well.

    So if there is any people from Vancouver BC who are living Primal in the Modern World. Hit me up and maybe we can start a group that does activities, shares ideas and supports each other in our learning adventure.

    I look forward to learning and creating some potential new positive likeminded network paths to enable me to grow and empower me for life!