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Meiori: Finally Listening to What I "Knew" All Along

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  • Meiori: Finally Listening to What I "Knew" All Along

    I have "fought" going Paleo/Primal for at least a year, more likely to be three or four. I just kept thinking "Surely everyone else can't be wrong?" I really wanted to believe that the government had my best interests at heart, that my doctor knew what he was talking about. I was rudely awakened when I at the age of 22 had to have emergency heart surgery. This surgery wasn't due to my eating habits (though they could not have contributed beneficially) but due to a very rare genetic set of defects I've inherited from both of my parents. Thank goodness I had and have good health insurance, the bottom two chambers of my heart...blew. I had apparently been in congestive heart failure for at least a year, most likely longer. Yet it was only when my very intelligent cardiologist challenged the "Traditional" tests and looked closer did he discover how close to death I was, in all reality I should have died, but due to luck and exercising I managed to make it to surgery.
    As I was recovering from the open heart I discovered that my "minor" gluten allergy had become full blown misery, everything the hospital tried to feed me made me violently ill. Both of my parents helped take care of me and I am incredibly thankful for their help, I could not have gone through this without them. My mom finally just started bringing in things for me, cooked fish with veggies, that kind of thing, protein powder (I drank so much and I think it seriously sped up my recovery though typically the nurses were concerned with me using it.)
    After returning home I started to get back into being able to walk/do yoga and I really was trying to eat gluten free grains healthily. But...I still felt so sick. This January I decided to go Paleo, buy Mark's book and give it a try. What did I have to lose other than feeling exhausted and tired all the time?
    I have only been Primal for 14 days, and I have never felt this much energy in my life. For the first time I am not constantly ravenously hungry, and eat as much as I please from foods that I adore. I can't help thinking, why didn't I do this before?

    I just wanted to say thank you Mark, and I look forward to this adventure!