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  • Hi everyone!

    Hi Everybody - I just want to write a quick note to introduce myself. My name is Mike and I'm 43 years old. I've always been healthy and not overweight but the past few years I've started gaining weight and started generally feeling lethargic, having aches and pains that I didn't used to have and I feel like my memory is not what it used to be. I thought most of this was just due to me getting older - well, that's the conventional wisdom, isn't it?

    Well, recently I started to pay a lot closer attention to what I eat and my wife has been bugging me to 'go on a diet.' I followed a link from another blog to this one and I spent many hours over the weekend reading posts and articles. I have to say that I've heard of the paleo diet before but I always just filed it away into the wacky fad diet category. Mark's writings and advice are very convincing and I have a completely new perspective on the subject now. I'm ready to go all in on a primal lifestyle now and I'm very excited! I have lots of questions though so I will start posting them here in this forum.
    See you 'round!


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    It is so nice to meet you, I'm just starting as well. We can help eachother!


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      Im also new on this train and am looking firward to this


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        Nice to meet you! I too an very excited and a newb to the primal lifestyle. Are you going to be getting his book?


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          Welcome! Yes, you are right, its convincing, the results more than anything else!
          P.S. get the "PB" book, it really answers many questions!


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            Welcome to this forum. I am very glad to meet with you, i hope your enjoy here.

            mark Holland


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              Good for you! After a few weeks following PB, my sluggishness and back pain went away--basically felt like I peeled off about 10 years (I'm 48), and the greatest thing is being able to be a happier, more active dad to my kids. Definitely read the book, stick to the basics, and don't worry about the tweaks and hacks that some on this forum can obsess about. Give yourself a few months to really adjust, and enjoy the ride!