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People of MDA: Please help!! I got fat... again.

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  • People of MDA: Please help!! I got fat... again.

    Hello all!! My name is Ariathne, and I'm struggling to reclaim my awesome paleo/primal life.

    I decided to join the Air Force 2.5 years ago, but had to lose 20 lbs to do so. Naturally, I signed up for group personal training, and was introduced to CrossFit and clean eating. I was hooked!!! I loved learning how my body works, and coming from an Anthropological background, it all made sense. I lost the 20 lbs, got my mom eating clean, and was on my way...

    But then, my AF application was rejected time after time, I moved to a town without a good gym, and my family slowly stopped supporting my ideals. I muscled through it all, got into the AF (finally!!), and headed off to OTS.

    I've been at my first station for three months now, and not only did I pick up terrible eating habits from OTS, I am surrounded by a community that believes is the bee's knees!!! I need support from an outside source because I can't do it alone. Will you help me?!?!???

    Did I mention that I get to wear a kick ass flight suit? Nobody likes a fat girl in a flight suit!
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    We are always glad to help. What do you need from us? I will send friend request. Accept if you want to.
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      I'd love to have an ongoing, active conversation about living primal in order to regain my passion for the subject. Having to explain why whole grains are just as bad as refined grains without any effect has gotten old. Instead of trying to argue that saturated fat doesn't go straight to the arteries from the stomach, I've just given up talking about the subject altogether. I just want to talk to people about awesomeness and not feel judged. Oh, and I want to wear a bikini in my backyard, a.k.a. the beach, in a few months!


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        I'm assuming you're eating in the chow hall. You can still find acceptable food there, just not the best. Never be afraid of just building a huge salad and topping it with a bunch of eggs, bacon and tuna. Splash some olive oil on top and you're good to go. Or have a hamburger patty or two.

        If you're out of training, you should be able to do this. Being in Basic is another story. The Drill Sergeants will more than likely hassle you over what's on your plate. Although, if you explain you eat paleo (they will recognize paleo over primal) they will probably be understanding.

        You can get a good protein powder (sugar free) and make shakes with some coconut milk, water and the powder. Quick, easy meal.

        It's easy to throw your hands up in the air and say "to hell with it" when it's not easy. Don't get frustrated. Just poke around in the chowhall and see what you can find.

        Good luck!
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          Fortunately, I am out of training and I'm not actually allowed in the chow hall (a fellow Lt and I found that out the "awkward stare" way). I have a full kitchen and I love to cook, I just learned to survive on sugar at OTS and now that's all I want.

          I started the 21 day thing today, and so far so good. Today will be the first day without grains or sugar in about 6 months. I completely forgot about coconut milk, so thank you for that tip. I still have some good whey protein I can use with it.


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            I just wanted to poke my nose in to say "You got this." My life also kinda went to hell and I also fell off the wagon and back into the fat I'd lost (plus), so I totally hear you.

            You have a goal.
            You have a plan.
            You have MDA to support you.
            YOU GOT THIS!

            (also, you're about to be reminded that PB-compliant eating just tastes better )
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              I'd apply the 80/20 rule here. What are the 1 or 2 things you can do that'll have the largest impact?

              It might not even be diet related. How about sleep quality or stress levels?