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  • Hello. Newbie with a question...

    Hi so I have decided to try "going Primal" to help me lose 25 pounds and generally improve my health. I have mark's books and cookbooks to help me along the way My question is....during the 21 day challenge, can I have honey in my tea or should I keep it out until the 21 days are over to help reset my body? I ask because I will not have coffee for the start of this since i put way to much flavored creamer into anyways. I can't stand it black at all. I enjoy teas but like a little honey in it. Wondering if ok or not in the beginning. Thanks so much. My journey begins tomorrow so trying to be prepared.

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    I have never done the 21 day challenge so I can't give you a technical answer. One teaspoon of honey in one cup of tea won't make much difference if any. More than that . . . not a good idea. Maybe try tea or coffee with just cream.
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      Hi and welcome! I agree with Hedonist2 on the topic of honey. My opinion is that after 21 primal days, you might find a teaspoon of honey extremely sweet and distasteful.
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