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  • Hi, about to restart this

    Ok, abit of backround, about 2 years ago I went on a 2 month all paleo/primal diet, lost about 8lbs and felt good. Then I stopped, I don't remember why exactly but now I have a family to contend my time with and finally my gf was convinced that paleo was something she would at least try(she's breastfeeding so can't do it to the letter)

    So, I from today am back on the wagon so to speak, as I stand I am currently 18st 4lbs, almost matching my heaviest weight, I look fat, I feel lazy, tired and stressed out feeling like I can't be bothered to do anything, somehow a spark hit me to re-do this and change my life.

    So I'm back on the paleo diet at about 80% for now (I'm cooking for the family so will be having the odd carb here and there, no sugar or nuts at all) on top of that I will be doing a intense workout called "Insanity" for 60 days, after which I will do it's sequel "Asylum" this will finally lead into me doing Crossfit which I've been dying to do as I love extreme sports and want to do them again.

    I'll post a pic later and chart my progress here daily

    "Sometimes what's needed is not Self-Improvement, but self-destruction"

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    Welcome. Mark did a recent post on pregnancy I think. Primal is extra important when you are pregnant.

    If you are doing that much exercise, you are going to need extra carbs such as root vegetables.

    Good luck!
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      Hi i am new. But thank for the advice of being pregnant..


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        Hello, and go for it. What a fantastic start your baby will have with fit and energetic parents! It should help you cope better with sleepless nights too.


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          There is no reason why your GF can't follow primal exactly while breastfeeding, she just needs to make sure she is eating enough.