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I want to go live as a cavewoman...

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  • I want to go live as a cavewoman...

    Hey my names Katie I live in england I'm 26 and have been primal for 18months and I love it! Thank you mark Sisson for changing my life!

    So I want to go and live in the wild like a cavewoman I know how serious that is but does anyone know if there's any groups companies or organisations that arrange things like this?

    Probably not but I thought it would be worth asking!

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    Probably not quite the same but have you looked into doing a survival/bushcraft course?
    Ray Mears does some good looking ones (on my list of things to do in the future)
    Ray Mears Bushcraft & Woodlore Camping Equipment and Courses

    Even if you eventually decide to go out totally on your own.. I would recommend doing something like this first so you know what your getting into & how to survive.. (cause the alternative aint so pretty)
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      2nd on Ray Mears' teaching.

      If you want to live a near primitive lifestyle for a year there's Teaching Drum Outdoor School - Wilderness Immersion Programs, Native Lifeway, and Community Healing in the US. They don't require prior knowledge but it'd be best if you had some training. It's learning by immersion; many people can't stick with it and quit.
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