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  • Baby help??

    Hi all

    I have been following the palo way for some time now and I have never felt better. My girlfriend of 5 years has not tho. She has tried but keeps falling of the wagon which is fine but now we are pregnant (a little girl due in April) she is looking to to improve her diet. Just looking for some information really, will she be able to change her diet now or shall we wait until the baby is born?? Also she is hoping to breast feed but we were wondering what food we can feed the baby when she comes of breast milk. Any suggestions would be great.


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    Any changes she makes now, as long as she is eating enough will benefit them both.
    Cutting out the packaged foods, and grains would be a good start.
    Do you have the PB book?

    Babies can eat what you eat, google baby led solids.
    No need to start until they can sit up and reach for foods themselves.


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      I would suggest limiting processed food. Lots of real food and she will be good. Omce the baby is ready to ween, just feed him what yall eat. Cut it up, of course.

      Congrats and enjoy this time. Don't get too bogged down on diet to enjoy what is happening.
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        Dear Mark: Pregnancy Diet Tips for Inquiring Minds | Mark's Daily Apple
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          Congratulations on expecting a baby girl (I have 4 girls!) I had not heard of paleo/primal when I was expecting and I wish I had. Even the couple of months pregnancy you have left will really benefit from eating good food. Your gf should have more energy which will set you up well for when the baby is born. I would also concentrate on cooking meals to freeze now, so when the newborn arrives and you can't think straight (!) you'll be able just to pull some nutritious food out and heat. You're so lucky to be able to put some of this stuff in practice now, before your baby is born. : )