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    Originally posted by canuckgrl View Post
    Thanks for the replies :-)

    seems a little freaky to eat that much fat. After doing the math I have come up with this:

    I have a lean body mass of 104lbs.
    Active with my 2 young kids but not really a lot of the time for the gym or 2 hour hikes. So I went with the 0.7grams of protein/lb of lean body mass.
    I am aiming for 1500 calories/day to lose about 6 lbs/month

    so does this sounds correct:
    511 calories from protein (73g/34%)
    200 calories from carbs (50g/13%)
    789 calories from fat (87g/52%)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Not bad, but I would have added a more fat and maybe lowered amount of carbs.

    A general thumb rule to various macros could be 2/1/0,5 times body weight. For me weighing 82 kg that is 160 grams fat, 82 grams protein and 40 grams carbohydrates each day. To control fat loss, lower amount of carbohydrate and increase lost amount of energy by eating more fat.

    Given my weight above:

    Fat 1440 kcal (~74%)
    Protein 328 kcal (~18%)
    Carbohydrates 160 kcal (~8%)

    Total 1928 kcal.

    So, if you feel that you're lacking energy with so little kcal each day, up the amount of fat to say, 200 grams adding additional 360 kcal. This is for a day of very low activity. Also, if you add fat your body will spend some time with futile cycles. Look it up.
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      Thanks Sungrazer :-)