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    I m a 40 year old male who started the Primal Blueprint a couple months back to help my wife drop some weight and deal with some other health issues. I was really physically active before PB but have had to slow down a lot. I had no clue before PB that I was hypoglycemic but have been hit rather hard with hypoglycemic symptoms. I have quit coffee which has helped and have stayed more towards High Fat and Protein and low carb. Although it seems I am better with more protein. Anyway, looking to join the community to get some help and share my story.

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    Hi. I am on day number 10 of paleo, so new myself. It seems that the logical thing to do, if you are having symptomatic hypoglycemia would be to increase your fruit and veggie intake---make sure to have with each meal. Also, potatoes are a good option to boost blood sugar. I do wish you luck.