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  • Hello!

    I have been lurking for a little bit, but I decided today to register for myself!

    I discovered this whole scene quite by accident. Some friends were comparing their weight loss strategies for 2012 and what worked and what didn't. One noted he had great success with intermittent fasting. I did not know what that was and I researched it and that is how I stumbled upon the whole primal movement. I had heard of it, of course, in passing or being references in other things. I purchased 'The Primal Blueprint' and decided to give it a try.

    I have only been doing this for about 2 and a half months, but What a difference. I had been suffering from some malaise and negative reaction to foods that made me feel ill after some meals. My doctor couldn't quite pinpoint what was causing it, but since I switched to this lifestyle I have had 0 problems. Not a single one. There has not been a single meal that left me feeling sick afterward.

    My main goal here is health. What I've really enjoyed about it so far is it doesn't dominate my life like a lot of other diet plans do. A lot of diets plans made me feel like the concept was temporary suffering or deprivation in exchange for long term wellness. I feel with this lifestyle it feels very natural, it was very easy to incorporate, and has had some wonderful side effects for me. My weight is dropping without much effort on my part. I'm eating well, I'm feeling great, and my cooking ability is improving! I'm looking at things in the store I never gave a second look to before and finding a lot of delicious ways to bring them into my life. There is no deprivation here, although I occasionally will venture back into my old ways. The amazing part of that is that has usually been a catalyst to 'fall off the wagon' for me. But when I eat like that I can feel the difference and can't wait to return to a more natural meal.

    Anyhow! I just wanted to introduce myself and drop my two cents as to what a great eye opener this has been for me so far!

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    Thanks for the insight! I am on day 10 of paleo and all of the encouragement about feeling better is such a rush! I can't wait till I'm feeling a hundred percent better I feel subtle, but significant differences already, but happy to welcome many more in the coming months, years, etc. GROK ON!!!