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    Hi! I've been reading the MDA forums for almost a year now but am just now jumping into the posting side. I started on Atkins last January when I blew up to become over 100 lbs overweight. A few months later I found this site, bought the book, was impressed with what I read and all the information on this site, and began to focus more on Primal foods. This site, along with Atkins, has also helped me get over my fear of fat and to realize that natural fats (aka saturated animal fats) are good for us! That was a huge breakthrough for me and my health.

    Contrary to popular belief Primal and Atkins can be totally compatible. I like the structure of the Atkins plan, the Induction phase then slowly adding foods and carbs in the Ongoing Weightloss Phase. I just choose healthy whole foods concentrating on meat, eggs, healthy fats, veggies, and low sugar fruits. A few times a week I'll have some greek yogurt or a whey protein shake or smoothie. I do have liquid sucralose everyday in my coffee and the occasional polydextrose in a smoothie, yogurt, or MiM as it helps with satiety. I'm fully confident in their safety and I guess that's my 20%.

    Ketosis works for me! My background is in science so I can read the literature about low carb and ketosis and know that it's healthy and totally natural. I also agree with the Atkins net carb approach, esp when referring to fiber in whole foods. While I'm sure once I reach goal I can add a few more carbs I have no plans to ever eat high carb again. I eat around 25-40 net carbs, mostly minus fiber, per day. Low carb is now the way I eat for life.

    On that note I have to say that a lot of the forum talk seems to be in direct opposition to what's in the book and the blog posts. A lot of talk about high carb diets and anti-ketosis and wth is up with an all potato diet?? Maybe that's the Primal newbie side of me talking and I know this isn't the Atkins forums but really? I guess if it works for some but I have no plans to try that. Ever.

    I also found out about Intermittent Fasting through this site and since last spring have been eating brunch and dinner with no breakfast or snacking. It feels totally natural, isn't forced, and I have no plans to stop. I don't like grazing. It doesn't satisfy me and tiny meals just leave me wanting more. I do have to watch calories so eating just two decent sized meals means I can enjoy my food, feel full and satisfied, and still keep calories in a range low enough to lose without feeling like I'm "on a diet".

    IF hasn't really made weightloss faster (I lose soo slowly it seems like) but I'm mainly interested in the other benefits like autophagy and decreasing my cancer risk. My grandmother got breast cancer twice in her 70s although she beat it both times it's something I'm aware of and my sister is recovering from oral cancer right now. Very scary!

    Cardio has always been something I hated so I walk my dogs for an hour a day and do an hour of Yoga most days a week. I also love to hike and do it as time and weather permits. I hate gyms but once I get to goal I might try and see how toned I can get my body through weight training. I grew up very active, have always been really, just not traditional gym cardio stuff.

    All of the above has helped me lose 75 lbs in 2012 and I'm working on my last 40 in 2013. I can't believe I got so fat but I'm never going to again! This website and forum has been a huge help and I'm excited to finally start posting and interacting with everyone.

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    Just saw this in the sticky so here goes:

    Your location:So Cal

    Age (If you want):34

    How Primal are you:Very, I'm sure anything I consume that's not strictly primal falls well within the 20%

    Do you consume dairy:Yes but no milk. Butter or ghee daily, cheese, greek yogurt a few times a week

    Do you drink coffee or tea:Coffee everyday tea a few times a week

    Motivator for switching to Primal:I think it's healthy and fits perfectly with Atkins

    Favorite exercise:Yoga

    Favorite Primal food:Bacon!!

    Best part about being Primal:I feel better, great skin, and knowing I'm doing right by my body

    Worst part about being Primal: Sprinting! I haven't done much of it but I don't like it. Is that bad?