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    Hey folks, I just filled out the who, where, why post, and thought I'd just say a plain ol hi now. I'm on my second day, hoping this works out for me. I'm 31, prior mil, married, and have two kids. The combination of being a nerd by trade, a few surgeries and injuries, and of course kids has led to a major slow down over the past years which has translated to 50 pound weight gain which I am disgusted by. Seems every time I get into a routine that works, something smashes it and the weight comes back twice as fast as it came off. The Paleo diet was mentioned to me by a friend which seemed good, but still note quite right. Then another mentioned the primal blueprint and a few weeks of reading on and off has landed me here and on my way. My wife, having taken a few nutrition classes for her degree, strongly disagrees and insists that carbs and sugars and such are all required and gets irritated when I reply with "so that's how mankind became apex and survived alongside of superior predators?". Yes I elude to this because she won't listen to the factual mumbo jumbo I read about using fat rather than carbs. She's decided to do her own diet which is mostly portion control and staying away from nasty stuff such as burgers and soda. It's going to take some time to learn to reconstruct my favorite foods using the good stuff. I still have my glass of whole milk each day and occasional yogurt, but so far have really what this lifestyle permits. Last night was a most epic dinner:
    Wild caught tilapia
    Steamed mussels
    Salad (Bok Choy, cabbage, spinach, snow peas, carrots, cucumber) with a very small amount of dressing as this is something I haven’t read up on much yet.
    Steamed green beans, peas, carrots
    Then some dinner rolls for the kids and wife.
    After she complimented on how good the dinner was, I told her “except the rolls, you followed my diet…and liked it” with a smile. Hoping that when results are noticeable that she’ll atleast admit I’m not committing slowly killing myself and possibly doing something right, time will tell. A huge thankyou to mark and everyone who contributes here. There is an ocean of knowledge and I’ve started each morning off this week reading an article.