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    I want to start by saying I am a food addict, rather a sugar addict to be true. I have been trying to lost weight and while I wasn't the fan of fad diets I quite bought "you have to eat 5- portions whole carbs/you have to eat 6 meals/you shouldn't starve your body" mantra quite too long. Then a revolutionary doctor came along in my country and she pretty shook all the myths and replace them with never heard ones. While her approach is similar to Paleo/Primal she differs in grains in that she allows bulgur pilaf and other low GI lentils claiming they are good for your body. I recently started to read about Primal so I am still keen on her lentils allowed approach but I admit I can see the problem. As a food addict I know I have a big problem and that is the issue of setting boundaries with food. If i am allowed on some type of bad food in moderation, that means I will go all the way. So I decided to read the Primal book, signed up with the daily newsletter and trying to absorb all the information. But I still have doubts and questions...

    For one, Mark praises sweet patato/yam types but where I live these vegetables don't exist. And I am not sure if I should replace it or leave it out all together.

    Two, I workout with Rushfit DVDs, 4-6 days a week depending on the program. And I am not sure if I have to adjust my carb intake for that.

    Three, it is rather gross and sorry for that but my digestive system is already slow and it is on a every other day schedule and since I tried out Dukan diet for a while I am horrified what awaits if I don't get any starchy carbs in my diet. I am thinking to get Solgar's psyllium-husks-fibre but will i have to take it for the rest of my life? how do you all solve that problem?

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    Welcome!! I am a newbie too and so I can just report some of what I have been reading about on other posts. As for the slow digestion a couple things I have read are to make sure you are getting enough fat, eat lots of fiberous veggies, drink lots of water, and you can drink some water with cayenne in it in the morning to stimulate peristalsis and get things moving. Where do you live that there are no sweet potatoes? I believe squash is sometimes used as a nutrient dense carb in place of sweet potatoes for days that you are working out and need more available energy. Good luck with giving up the sugar. The first few days are pretty rough but it gets a ton easier after you get over that hump. Im on day 4 and already I feel better. Best of luck!!!


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      Good Luck from a fellow Newbie !!!