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  • Greetings

    I saw the recent story in Los Angeles Magazine and came to this site. I have spent most of my career in F&B and always felt food belonged first to science, second to art. In my 50's I have trained for 9 marathons (so far) and ran 8 including Boston. I will hit 60 in 2013 and will enter it at the same weight I entered my 40's; 180 at 6'1". Your approach is logical and I look forward to seeing how it works for me.

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    OK, it's working. First I began eating more than a bird (which is what I had been doing before) and it did not add pounds. This week I went to one good size meal at 7:30pm followed by Mark's basic supplimentals and a multiple. During the day I have a few slices of celery, carrot, cantelope and strawberries as well as a half cup of beef or chicken broth near lunch and a small handful of almond/cashews in the afternoon. I have a cup of coffee in the morning and drink water and coconut water during the day. I am walking 3 or so miles at work out on the floor (16 minutes per mile is my pace) and 1 to 3 miles at night with my dogs after I eat.
    With this I am currently dropping a pound per day weighing first thing each morning. I am not tired or slowing down in the least. Maybe I can get these waist-level pounds off after all. I certainly didn't by running 1000 miles annually over the past 9 years!


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      Good results. Weight today 169.4 lbs. Gets harder to drop the lower I go. I'm focused a bit more than the 80/20 rule but certainly not perfect. I have a personal physician and good records for the past 3 years. Will be doing blood work next week to see how things look. BTW, I feel great.