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    I've posted on a few topics, and have had some concerns raised and adressed. I'd like to thank those who have given their experiences and advice. I welcome all comments and suggestions to improve my health! So here goes my story! I'm a 26 y/o female from MI, 5'6 116lbs. A year ago i was probably around 160lbs. I have never in my life been as fit as i am today. I met a Crossfit trainer a year ago who has literally changed my life! So as far as my exercise goes, I typically do Crossfit workouts every other day, and i enjoy running in the AM fasted. I mix my runs up w/ sprints and walking/intervals, and probably only run 2-3x's a week. I engage in other activities, as well. I'm a medical assistant, so my job also keeps me on my feet running. So i think i'm pretty primal in my exercise.

    Food and nutrition seem to be where i'm getting myself into trouble! I thought i was doing well, but after saying how much i eat in other posts many have me questioning that! I have been trying to incorporate IF into my lifestyle and really have been enjoying it. Maybe to a fault. So i could use some direction in that area. I considered going vegan in the begining of the year, but my trainer advised me against it! (thank god) So i started out doing a Paleo/Zone diet, w/o red meat. I got terrible food poisoning from Tyson chicken in the spring, and haven't eaten chicken since. So right now my protein sources are all types of fish(wild), tuna, eggs, and nuts. I'm not against eating meat, and i have an amish farm/store near me that i'm trying to get my nerve up to start buying from. I use lots of coconut oil and some sesame oil, avocados, and olives. I rarely eat fruit anymore, mostly berries w/ breakfast sometimes or jicama. I love all vegetables, and would rather eat them over fruit anyways. I've been keeping my carb intake under 50g for over a month now, and can tell when i over do it at certain meals.

    I have to get to work, but plan on posting later about the medical issues that i'm dealing w/ right now. I will get my food intake for the day posted as well!

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    Ok.. so the medical issue i'm having is lack of my monthly cycle. This started in March when i started following a Paleo diet really strict. I went in for my yearly gyno appt. yesterday w/ a list of questions. These included this specific problem, my hormone levels, fertility being affected, thyroid.. i requested lab work for all of the above as well as cholesterol. My Dr. assured me that i was fine, ordered my labs, and wrote me a Rx for Provera. He said to take it for 5 days, and my cycle should begin shortly after. I had originally planned on getting a referral to a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation while i was there. Turns out i may have bigger issues w/ my breasts than just losing them to weight-loss! I had a stat ultrasound today and should get my results this week. Out of my control... so i'm going to try not to worry. So thats my medical drama in a nutshell.

    My eating today is as follows:

    B: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 caveman carrot cake cookie-recipe from son of grok!

    L: Mixed greens, tuna, avocado. 1/2c. frozen fresh shredded coconut.

    D: Salmon w/ cabbage, celery, onion cooked in coconut oil.

    My calories were under 1000.. but i felt great!

    58% fat

    12% carb

    30% pro



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      Hey Jewelz, so out of curiosity what is the issue with your breasts? And what were your calories before starting eating like this as it seems you really do need to eat more and your period has stopped because your body thinks it is in a famine. Also are you going to take the provera or wait until you have your blood tests back?

      Maybe try 3 or 4 eggs plus some more fat with them, fried in butter is always a good option..mmm, or my favorite egg and avocado salad or add some nuts and seeds as snacks, you may feel great but seems like your body isn’t liking it.


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        There was abnormalities bilat, but only an exact location of a possible lump on the right. Hopefully it is just benign fibrocystic tissue. That worries me as well, since i've heard that can lead to breast cancer. I started taking the Provera right away. Really anxious to see it if works. My calories prior to cutting all the crap ( grains, sugar, ect.) were probably near or more 2000 a day. After starting Zone/Paleo in December i would aim for 1500-1600 and did that for awhile. I wasn't seeing much of a change though. However, i wasn't weighing myself either, just taking body measurements. Since April i've kept my calories around 1200 or less and have been weighing myself.

        I'm going to do a modified version of crossfit "nate" and some burpees before eating this AM. Then i'll go fry up some eggs in butter w/ some broccoli or spinach. I really appreciate the advice!


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          Hey if this is any reassurance I also just had a lump looked at recently and guess what it was…just an “island of fat” so I actually have my own island! It is worthwhile to get checked out though.

          Remember it does take a while to see any visible changes, as the old saying goes you didn’t put on weight overnight so of course you are not going to loose it overnight so bear with the higher calories for a few more months and you probably will start to see a change.


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            Amenorrheic athletes are frequently prescribed hormonal contraceptives to prevent or slow bone loss, but this does not address the underlying problem — it only addresses the symptoms. The problem is energy, and energy should be part of fixing the problem. Contraceptives may normalize menstrual periods and provide estrogen, but they will not necessarily improve bone health. Athletes on birth control pills often believe they have addressed their Triad-related problems, and therefore are probably not being counseled to improve dietary habits. As a result, they may continue to travel down the energy deficiency path, which contributes to further bone loss. In fact, long-acting, progesterone-only contraceptives like Depo-Provera have been shown to cause bone loss, and the packaging for these drugs now includes a warning to this effect. Nevertheless, this particular drug remains popular among athletes who feel normal menstruation impairs their performance.</blockquote>

            I thought about your post this morning as I try to find answers about my own body. My palms have turned an orange-yellow color and my parents were concerned that it was my thyroid. I don't have any other symptoms, so I started to do some research. I haven't had a period in almost 2 years. Like you, I never feel hungry but I lift and do a lot of high intensity training. I think that we my both be under eating, even though we never meant for this to happen and have had nothing but fitness and health in mind.

            It's worth looking into.


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              I read that same article while i was looking up information on the subject, too!! It hasn't been quite as long for me, but i understand your worries/frustration. I'm trying to increase my intake, and will continue posting so that if anyone has any helpful suggestions they can share! I will also keep you updated on the results of my labs, and if this Provera works. I guess i should mention the supplements i take include calcium + vitamin D, fish oil, probiotics, and an eye vitamin.

              Today's food intake:

              I hit 1000+ cals!

              B: 2 eggs + spinach cooked in butter!

              L: mixed greens, green beans,onion, tuna, olives + handful of mixed nuts (raw pistachios, walnuts, almonds)

              D: lime n chilli pwdr catfish + cabbage/celery cooked in coconut oil

              I even went and bought organic salt-free butter so i can start mixing up what fats i'm cooking with!


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                So i'm not sure if today was good or bad. I IF'd this afternoon because of a stressful family get together. I just wasn't hungry and they weren't serving primal food.

                So here goes:

                B: 2 hard boiled eggs, jicama w/ cinnamon, almonds

                L: IF

                D: mixed greens, left over green beans cooked in butter, onion, avocado, tuna tossed together

                S: cashews