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  • Newbie from Texas

    Hi ya'll,
    I am from the Houston area, over 50.

    I have done Atkins and lost 20, but gained. Did hCG and lost 15, but gained. The wheels fell off of my wagon. Still follow a little, but need to kick it up and get that wagon fixed.

    I do dairy, HWC for my coffee, cream cheese and all different kind of cheeses.

    Yes, I drink coffee, wine & water

    I am diabetic T2 and everything that goes with it. If I lose weight, I feel that I will be able to back off of all meds. Thyroid problems.

    My favorite exercise is hand to mouth. I need to start walking, but feet hurt and I think I have a fracture (and have had it for a while). So, I need to lose the weight then I will be able to start the walking. I it is round and round loop, never ending excusing, BUT I do own up to and won't hide my flaws.

    Eating out and booze will be a problem. And attempting to get my family on board will be very hard.

    I have just started, so I don't know what if my fav, best or worst part. I reading all I can to learn all that I can. So I need a LOT of help.

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    Hi, start by changing the stuff you eat, it accounts for some 80% of your weight loss. I lost just over 18 kilo in 5.5 months with not that much exercise. Once you loose weight exercise will be easier.
    Try some stuff you can do without straining your feet. Like swimming or maybe cycling . I do horseback riding.
    Eating out proved not that difficult for me. Just stick to a meat or fish dish with veggies. And maybe some potato or white rice. Not loosing weight for 1 day will not hurt you, and potatoes and white rice are save starch.


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      Thanks, I appreciate the feedback, I need as much help as possible.

      I haven't eaten rice or potatoes in a while (couple of years). I did break down and had rice a couple of weeks (to get it out of my system) & I did have a baked potato once in a while in the last month or two (had my last, last night). Having T2 diabetes, I discovered that those two items make my bs go WAY high.

      I think, in my testing, that if your bs is high (around 120 and higher), you won't lose weight. So, if I can keep it at 100 or below, I might have success. Keeping my carbs at 30 and below for the day is my goal.

      I need to do some cooking during the weekends & start using my crock pot so that week nights aren't a challenge.