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  • 6 months Primal!

    Hi all,

    Many years ago I remember I had a theory about eating like my ancestors. That theory bounced around in my head for many years but I never acted in it until this year. First there was an article about the Paleo diet on NPR. Then one of my nieces announced her Paleo lifestyle on her blog & linked marksdailyapple. She also lent me the Primal Blueprint which I read in a couple of days. This was many months ago & led me to make the change to Paleo.

    Since June 2012 I've doing the primal thing fairly well. Most days I am around 90%. My downfall is Skinny Cows & tortilla chips. I've changed my daily workout a bit; less (but more effective) cardo & more "lifting heavy things".

    The results in 6 months are remarkable. 30 lbs lighter, Rosacea is gone, & I've not felt this good 30 years. All the people around me are freaking out. Plus after a thorough health screening, all my numbers (like cholesterol) are excellent!

    I couldn't be more pleased. Life is good! However, I still have a lot to learn. So hi from Michigan everyone! Mostly a lurking due to time constraints but always reading.

    Joe S.

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    I'm 7 months in and have similar results. I feel awesome and am on my way to looking it, too. Not sure how many pounds lost, but I went from a size 14/16 to a 10 since June. I'm 100% Primal and haven't complicated my life by hacking or tweaking. It works and I'll never go back to wheat, sugar or processed stuff. Check out the last post of my journal if you want the low-down.

    Happy New Year.
    5' 9" 47 YO F
    PB start June 2, 2012
    Pre PB SW = 180 (no scale at home, Mom's scale January - 153lbs!)
    Current deadlift 245 lbs, squat 165 lbs, bench press 135 lbs

    PB Journal


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      Way cool success story! I love how your 100%. For Xmas I got a food dehydrator & plan to replace my tortilla chips with zucchini chips. Plus lots of jerky!
      Thanks for your reply.


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        Congrats to both of you on your Primal diet. I went Primal in May 2012 and have earned great results... I have lost 30lbs and my health numbers are solid. I stay away from all grains and processed sugar. However, at times I feel very tired/sluggish. Any tips on workouts or ways to avoid that sluggish feeling. I walk on a daily basis -golf, local track, etc... I would like to gain energy and to turn my remaining fat to muscle... I have a little bit of that skinny fat look.... Thanks for any ideas/help


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          Hi Deering,

          Personally I've fought the sluggish/tired feeling for years. Mostly gone now & I can't say for sure what all fixed it. However, the final fix was daily (or nearly daily) workouts & eating paleo. Other "fixes" were getting more vitamin Bs, probiotics with anti-fungals, plus a sleep study. The sleep study revealed sleep apnea, which runs in the family. I couldn't tolerate a CPAP so I opted for a snoreguard mouthpiece.

          All these things helped a lot, meaning a lot less fatigue. But as I said once I got the regular workouts, loosely following Mark Sisson's advice & eating paleo, I seem to have beat that daily fatigue I suffered from.

          Good luck!

          edit: keep in mind I am newbie here!


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            Joe-- Thanks for the advice and response!!!


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              Congrats Bruinwar, June and Deering from another six-monther. I'm slimmer, stronger, healthier, happier and sleep better since going primal in June also. This really works.
              Annie Ups the Ante


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                Congrats indeed all (great journal and AMAZING photos, June!). I started in February 2012 and am down from about 190 to 175 and holding steady there since the late summer (6'-2", male). Like June, I enjoy my wine (!), but do a lot of walking (to/from work daily at a minimum, 45 min.), and moderate "lifting heavy things" and sprinting. Nothing extreme, yet it totally works. I'm looking forward to Mark's new book, because I think I turned a corner here at age 48: getting a sense of control of body health immediately led to a different mental outlook. Kind of like, OK, I took care of myself (and will continue to!), so now I can really "bring it" to loved ones and the world at large. Easier to serve when you're not miserable. I think he may be talking about this stuff in the book...anyway, there's lots of inspiration out there, especially this community!

                Edit: on the tired/sluggish question above: sometimes I feel like I need a "reset," and IF really does it for me. Last night I overate a bit, so only had my coffee this morning. I'll do sprints at around noon (haven't sprinted in a few weeks), then lunch, and will feel GREAT, I know it. The other HUGE thing for me was proper sleep--without that, weight loss stalled, I craved sweets, my energy wasn't as good. Body, mind, emotions, it's all one.
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