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  • Starting a New Life

    I'm fifty and fat. There, I said it. Fifty. Fat. Time to change it up. I'm tired of feeling like crap. No energy. No libido. No motivation. Restless sleep most nights. Heartburn all the time. Clothes don't fit. Photos of me are embarrassing...

    ...well, you get the picture. I can't do anything about the fifty part, but I can do something about the fat part, right? Primal lifestyle, here I come.

    For the record, I'm a 5'10" tall white collar male, and am currently 214#. Blood pressure is a horrible 140/90. This is Day Zero. Tomorrow it begins. Wish me luck.
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    best wishes, you can do it.


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      I was in your shoes but at 23 lbs just a few years ago. At 50 years old My manboobs jiggled when I brushed my teeth. Climbing the stairs made me winded. I started my change by eliminating all white carbs & walking miles every day. Very quickly I lost around 30 lbs & plateaued. I couldn't loose another pound. I felt better but I wanted more. Then I found paleo 6 months ago. Effortless weight loss! Another 30 lbs lost & I feel great!

      Follow the advice you'll find here on this site & you will succeed I am sure. Good luck!

      Joe S