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    Hi all,

    My fiance has been following the primal/paleo for a time, and I have been hovering around it for a considerable time also. I am 27, and have alot of issues with injuries, gone from functionarily reliant to outright addicted to painkillers and back since the age of 17, and had 3 surgeries on my right knee to date. Somehow during this mess I managed to remain relatively active

    After the 3rd surgery to remove some mystery tissue from the tibia fibia 'join' (unsure what its called) I decided, based on absolutely nothing but the fact that most advice I have been given by doctors hasn't worked, that strength training was the logical way to go.

    Sadly, nearly crippled myself with back squats :P. After ANOTHER spell of forced inactivity I rebuilt and swapped squats for deadlifts, this has helped a huge amount.

    Diet came next, given a history of coeliac disease in the family, wheat has now been chucked from the diet. Most processed foods are gone, as are most refined sugars. This also produced a very positive response, and I feel better in myself for doing it. Combining this and the changes listed above has got me from a mixture of bad days (limping, wanting to go back to morphine) and ok days, to largely in the middle (niggles, few spasms) with a few days almost pain free

    The next challenge is to actually try to add some proper muscle to my frame. I am hoping over the next 16 weeks to add around 2 kgs, getting me to around 72kgs.

    Hope to be able to get some useful tips, and offer some in return

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    Primal and deadlifting my way to health (hopefully)