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Happy New Year from London

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  • Happy New Year from London


    I am slightly new to the PB way of living. I am allergic to wheat so tend to live off protein, veg, alcohol and a bit too much sugar.

    I weigh around 230 pounds have been doing P90x for a few months, but have a few medical issues which I think the PB way of living may rectify.

    I would like to lose about 90 pounds so am looking forward to learning from this community.


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    I've lost 57lbs since March and after New Year will be more strict with my food intake again. I reckon I've got another 15 to 20lbs of fat to get rid of. All it takes is a modicum of won't power, as in I won't eat cakes, bread, pizza & pasta or drink beer, fizzy pop and milk.

    My daily treat is 25gms of dark chocolate every day and I drink wine three days a week. I thought that after nine months of being good, ten days of feasting and boozing would be acceptable. I know that once I am home again, I shall get back on the wagon and have the look I want by the summer.
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      Happy new year! Have a search through the posts hopefully you will get some ideas.
      Healthy is the new wealthy.