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    Hi. My name is Amanda and I am just getting acquainted with primal eating. I am 35, and after being skinny my whole life went through some majorly upsetting and even somewhat personally traumatic events in my life that set me on a path of eating out of control. I've gained about 70 pounds over the last 6 years and have NO energy. I do not enjoy the workouts that I used to for lack of energy. I feel yuck pretty much all of the time. I feel older than my years and don't have any major health problems yet, but I will if I stay on this track. As a nurse practitioner, everything that I've read makes so much more sense than CW! I really want to feel as good as those here describe feeling.

    I have read lots of blogs and ordered the 21 day book. I've been following the dietary guide for two days and I feel really nauseated. I have been eating steak, roasted port and scrambled eggs with roasted or sauted veggies and fruit. At first I thought that maybe the nausea was just in my head, but this morning (I work night shift, so up all night) I ate a piece of pizza for lack of anything else when I got hungry and that made me feel nauseated as well. Has anyone else experienced this? I am thinking that maybe I need to wein myself off carbs somewhat to try to minimize this. I can't deal with this nausea for much longerPlease advise