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Hello, new to this forum, so happy Christmas is over-goodbye temptations!

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  • Hello, new to this forum, so happy Christmas is over-goodbye temptations!

    Hello everyone, My name is Katlyn. I have been following the primal lifestyle for the last 2 years, although I have had some ups and downs I have been keeping strong since this past August 14th when i started Marks 90 day challenge. It changed my life and for the better. I have definitely noticed the negative effects of sugar on my body in the past 2 days with christmas and all its dangerous treats lingering around and tempting me at ever corner. I was so good this whole holiday season, but on boxing day I decided that I would reward myself and have a piece of my families famous Christmas jewel fudge : AKA pure sugar , haha... 1 piece led to another and a few other assortments of other sugary delights. Some kind of switch seems to go off when we eat sugar not allowing ourselves to stop until its too late and you over-do it. This was the most sugar I have had in over 4 months ( although the small amount I ate is not out of the norm of a typical north american SAD diet). But for my body not being accustomed to it , it send me over the edge. I woke up the next day feeling terrible - Lesson learned. Although Im not happy with myself having allowed my temptations to get the better of me, It reminded me of the negative effects of sugar on our bodies and that I don't want to feel like that again. Some times its a good thing to put it all into perspective, and show your body how good you really do feel by eating a Paleo diet

    I am looking forward to the new year, I was gifted a juicer this holiday by my sister. Im very excited to use it and thinking about starting a juice detox/ cleanse for a few days in the year!

    -Has anyone here ever done a juice detox/cleanse? If so what were your experiences and outcomes like, and any favourite recipes for juice ?

    This past month has also been really exciting for me, i have really been getting into the cooking seen and creating delicious paleo and raw dishes. If you are interested I would love to share my blog and recipes with you, all comments and feed back are appreciated! Hope you can find something of interest~

    Here is the link :

    Passionate Paleo
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    Glad that you got over your Christmas sugar hump. I'm new around here. Your recipe blog looks nice--great photographer! I printed the one for kale chips and for coconut curry soup.



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      Thank you ! Welcome to the forum too Thx for checking out my blog , hope you found some recipes you like! I just made a Paleo/Raw Avocado vanilla lime cheese cake that turned out amazing! Im going to post it on my blog tomorrow if your interested