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  • Hello All!

    I've gone "Primal" since just before Thanksgiving 2012! I love the lifestyle, everything makes so much sense and is very easy to do!

    A little background on myself... about 5 years ago I weighed about 240 and I realized I was a bit short (5'10") for my weight, I decided to do something about it. I have always been active, lifting weights, cardio, etc, but always thought exercise alone could control my weight! My first diet was a combo between the Atkins diet and Flat Belly diet. Basically limiting PUFA's and carbs. I would go on and off this diet for a couple of years, but I did lose about 15 pounds. Earlier in 2012 I started eating "cleaner", organic, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies. I also followed weight watchers formula and was able to lose about 1 lb per week.

    In the 5 weeks I've been doing Primal, I've been losing about 2-3 pounds per week! Right now I'm at about 183 and feeling great.

    My exercise routine has changed quite a bit too. For most of the past year I've been doing p90x and Insantity on a pretty regular basis (4-6 times per week). I do some biking and swimming and I also sail during the summer. Since reading Primal Blueprint, I've stopped the Insanity workouts (though still do some of the 15 minute ab workouts). I walk 6 miles about 3-4 times a week. I do Tabata intervals on my bike about 1 day per week and then I do p90x 2-4 times per week (including Yoga). I also mix in some swimming every now and then and will continue to sail in the summer.

    I've also had some blood work done recently and everything is looking real good - a big improvement from 5 years ago. My blood pressure has also improved - last reading was 106 over 68 with resting pulse rate under 60.

    So, as i approach my 48th birthday, I'm feeling better than I have in many years!

    I'm looking forward to interacting with this community!

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    Welcome! I'm glad primal is going well for you!
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