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  • Adam C. in Manlius, NY

    Good afternoon to you Primal People,

    I'm Adam Crafter in Manlius, NY and my wife Laura and I just started on the Primal path this last weekend. I would be one of the people who bought the book first from Amazon when the request was out to Make It Number One quickly, and then only found this website because it was emphasized in the book.

    I'm a biological researcher and occasional writer who has already tried a number of modalities,
    including doing a Intermittent Fasting run while working at a Metabolism Lab at the University of Kansas.
    I earned really trans-form-a-tive results from IF + exercise, but was only able to take it so far.

    I think I can see from here that it was grain carbs that were holding me back from where my body wanted to go, and so I have jumped right onto the Primal Path.

    Laura and I are already kicking carbs in the kitchen, and since we are both foodies, this was a fun new challenge, not the end of the world.

    I want to post some of the recipes that we have whipped up, where do I put them?

    Yours in practice,