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    Hey gang! Just started PB a week ago at the behest of a buddy of mine. I'm an actor/group fitness trainer/figure model in New York City. I'm doing my best with this. I just don't have the time to hit up the Union Square farmer's market foraging for food every other day.

    For this reason I'm appreciative of the fact that Mark makes some merciful exceptions to the whole Paleo thing. New York City is already expensive enough without having to pay $6 for a tiny container of organic blueberries.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello. I'm sure I'll be posting here with questions from time to time. As a figure model I'm quite concerned with both fat loss and muscle hypertrophy. I've been following Mark's tips on gaining but man. It's tough. In addition to never being hungry anymore, I'm eating totally healthy food now (so long $5 footlongs). The past week I've been stuffing my face constantly, lifting heavy, resting, drinking water... and I still lost two pounds!

    So far I'm blown away by PB--a week into it and my energy levels have been rock solid (no more afternoon nap and coffee is more out of habit), and that last little bit of Christmas pudge way down on my lower abs is just melting away (oh man, I sound like a diet infomercial now).

    I'm actually surprised how NOT many veggies I was eating before PB. A can of green beans every other day maybe. Now at least one meal a day is a colorful salad. That's more like it.

    I still keep my dairy intake at moderate levels. I've been chugging protein shakes for so long if I don't drink SOMETHING after my workouts I get antsy. Been trying to locate a protein supplement at local vitamin/health food stores that is soy-less but haven't had any luck so far.

    Glad to know this forum is here. See you guys around the boards! In the meantime, any of you New Yorkers needing coaching on your Kettlebell form and routines, hit me up!


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    Oh yeah, and I think I've figured out a PB-friendly salad at Chipotle Mexican Grill. New Yorkers take note. Tres convenient.


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      Fellow New Yorker here! Welcome!


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        Nuuuuuu Y-Ork Sit-EEEE?

        Hey I'm here as well, and yeah Chipotle has been a great spot to grab a salad when I was inbetween shifts, and far from a kitchen.

        Glad to hear you're doing well so far!