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former vegan going primal to fix hormones!

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  • former vegan going primal to fix hormones!

    Hey! I'm a former vegan that really messed up my digestion and hormones trying to be loving and healthy! I've been eating mostly paleo/primal for the past two months and I feel so much better! I'm hoping to help my ibs and get rid of acne, and becom fertile so my husband and I can get pregnant! I want extra support during the holidays. I eat very well most of the time but have a weakness for chocolate and dried fruit. Sugar is addictive! I was thinking about cutting out all sugar including fruit for s period of time to break the addiction. Is this too extreme? Could I eat just veggies meat and fat and be healthy?

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    You aren't going to suffer if you go without sugar, I mean it might not be easy but it's not going to harm you.
    -Ryan Mercer my blog and Genco Peptides my small biz


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      Sugar isn't the devil, as long as it's restricted and comes from healthy sources. Some would argue a certain amount of carbs is necessary in order to achieve optimal health (at least for some people).
      Glad to hear you're better though. I'm sure the primal way will help you conceive soon.


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        I used to be addicted to sugar, but I have found that to really kick the sugar habit, and avoid snacking I am basically eating one main meal a day with a couple of small snacks during the day. This is basically a warrior diet. I am pretty new to the warrior diet but I found that after a couple of days I wasn't hungry during the day. After work I will either have a lift heavy things workout, or take my dog for a walk. My meal will be nice and big, and I have found that I really enjoy preparing it. I keep it very primal, but have a small bit of dark chocolate as desert after I am done eating. I am quite full after dinner so I just relax for the rest of the night, and I have zero desire to snack. Plus since I already had a workout, or a walk I don't feel guilty about just relaxing, and doing nothing after dinner.

        Congrats on the decision to become primal. Here is a link to an article that I found really helped me to understand cravings so that I can stay on track, and take care of my cravings.

        Why Snack Food Is Addictive: The Grand Unified Theory of Snack Appeal - GNOLLS.ORG