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    Hi Everyone!

    I stumbled upon MDA in August of this year (2012) after I got a scare on some blood tests that showed my triglycerides in the 850 range. I was trying to make sense of the crazy amount of information out there regarding health and nutrition. I feel like I somehow made it through a swirly maze filled with bogus information, pseudo-science, cheap-o-shakes' sellers and some self-serving "Health-Gurus." I am glad to be one of the lucky ones who made it through and found MDA and this community because it can be so easy to buy into the wrong path and potentially damage your health even further with misguided advice that is so common on the web these days.

    I spent a good number of hours reading through the blog and articles offered in MDA and the more I read the more everything made sense so I went Primal in August 2012.

    That summer I was the heaviest I had ever been at 189lbs and suffering from a couple of autoimmune conditions and other symptoms that doctors couldn't really figure out. I really threw the towel when I went to a dermatologist to check a rash that had developed in my lower back. She said it was a fungal condition and prescribed a $190 cream, only to reverse her diagnosis when the rash got dramatically worse after applying the cream and saying it was now Psoriasis. She went ahead and prescribed a number of creams and medicines including steroids and told me that I could expect the skin in that area to become very thin and almost disappear because of the medicine and to expect all kinds of side effects... Really- WFT??? Let's just say that was the final straw that pushed me to find my own answers.

    Fast forward 4 months and I have lost 29 lbs and feel better than I have ever felt, not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Rashes, pains and twitches are long gone, and my triglycerides are now at 41 along with all other blood markers including cholesterol at ideal levels. I can hardly believe the results and can't imagine how I went so long poisoning my body (and my family's.). I have not had anything related to grains since I started and I can finally say now that I don't miss them. I do greatly miss having a good beer once in a while and I think I will work that in for special occasions from now on. My fall back indulgence has become dark chocolate and I'm afraid I may have become an addict and may have to cut down on those a bit!

    Overall what makes me the happiest is seeing how my wife and kids have embraced this lifestyle and improved their health and quality of life significantly (my wife has lost 15 lbs and my kids are incredibly healthier, lean and sharp!). We've taken cooking and coming up with new recipes as a new family hang-out activity and we are having a blast. I am grateful for the boost MDA and the Primal Blueprint has given us as a family.

    Thanks very much!

    PS: I will post pictures and describe my previous conditions in more detail in future posts.

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    Great work! It sounds like you really needed the change. How awesome your family is along for the ride too.
    Primal since 4/7/2012

    Starting weight 140
    Current weigh 126



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      new l

      Hey, has anyone tried the New Rule of Lifting for Life, KINDLE version? I had a sample sent to my Kindle, but I dont know how exercise photos are going to "translate". Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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        These stories are great to hear. My wife to be have Been primal for 8 weeks now and will never go back.
        While it's great to spread the good new to others I have found quite a lot of work mates very critical of what we do to the point of being insulting? Its deffo a a case of leading a horse to water but some deffo won't drink.

        Some people simply rather eat crap as a source of short term pleasure over long term health.

        We just keep what we do to our self. and if asked why we look thinner and healthy we just pass on the MDA web site address and leave it at that

        Grok on
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        Caution! My replies may contain traces of nuts!. My posts are just my opinion based on my experience with the primal way of life, there is no assurance it will work with others in the same way.

        Started Primal 15th October 2012
        Height 5'9"
        Start weight 200lb
        Loss so far 33.8lbs, now 166.2lb
        Goal was 168lb's


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          Congrats on getting the triglycerides down and welcome to the group!
          Starting Weight - 280lbs
          Current - 280bs
          Goal - Around 200lbs(will be focusing on the mirror and not the scale then)
          Working hard to make a healthier and more active me.


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            new l

            Yes, I have the kindle version as well. I prefer this way since I got my iPad because iPad kindle app is better than a kindle. I also have the original NROL in kindle format as well as a few other books from Mens Health. Its a great format and I hope the new book goes to kindle fast.