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Hey there! ColoradoRon here!

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  • Hey there! ColoradoRon here!

    Hello there! I am taking the first steps today! Today is the day. I even figured out a way to force myself to stay on track! I am creating a podcast that my friends, family, and others can subscribe to and keep me inline! I even created my VERY FIRST podcast while on my very first walk! Check it out here: Pure Paleo Podcast: One Man's Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

    I am making it a goal to be on here daily to continue my learning and growing. Right now, Im 6ft 320lbs. I want to get down to 220lbs.

    My wife and I are expecting are 7th child in 5 months to the day! So that just makes it an even cooler challenge! I hope to be well on my way to a healthy lifestyle by the time our child is born on May 15. Wish me luck!

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    Hey, welcome aboard. I'm pretty new here too and also live in Colorado. The blog looks great so I'll definitely download and listen. If you work and or visit Denver much, stop by Chinook Tavern in the DTC. They are primarily a German/European restaurant, but they have a daily paleo menu with some great options. There's also a food truck called "The Cavemen Cafeteria" that does paleo food, but I haven't managed to catch up with them.

    Since you're in Frederick, do you know of any good sources of local grass-fed beef that's reasonably priced?


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      Welcome (to both of you).
      I owned a house up in Firestone about 10 years ago. Got out before the real estate collapsed up there.
      7 kids? Holy crap.

      I will definitely check out the Chinook Tavern. Do you know if they have any paleo vegetarian food? My wife is pescetarian AND gluten intolerant, so eating out with her is a pain in the ass. Anywhere new is always welcome.
      People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.


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        Thanks guys! Nice to know we have people close by. I am actually excited to get these podcasts cranked up and keep track of my progress. I have a ways to go. Lets get together for dinner/lunch sometime! Im always up for eating out!