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  • Salutations!

    Good Evening!

    First post, but have been around the boards reading and learning for a little while. My (new) husband and I made the shift to a paleo/primal lifestyle just after our wedding two months ago. January 2012 I made the commitment to get healthy after being chronically 20-40 pounds overweight my entire life. I dropped from a size 12 to a 4 over the first nine months eating a conventional diet (whole grains, lean protein, etc) and doing weight lifting and HIIT workouts with a trainer. My husband was able to lose lost 80 pounds before the wedding, just cleaning up his horrible diet.

    After we were married, we agreed that we were committed to our new lifestyle and wanted to make even more positive life changes. He agreed to join me in cutting out grains, legumes and processed foods/sugar (though we had already been pretty good about the sugar, hubby still enjoyed copious amounts of bread and pasta). We also cut out dairy though I still enjoy some half and half in my coffee every morning.

    I fortunately didn't go through carb flu since I had cut most grains out of my diet one month before the wedding to slim down. Hubby had a go of it though - but he came through and has lost another 7 pounds! We've both leaned out and feel and look even better than we did for our wedding!!

    Our dinners are always delicious since my husband is a chef and baker, and we never get bored with our food because I always change up the menu. I compose a meal plan for every week and usually will include a soup of some kind (so I have some leftovers to take to work with me) and we always make two dozen "egg cups" with bacon and spinach so we have an easy on-the-go snack for breakfast. I make a short grocery list based on the menu for the week - and we stick only to the list. Our bill never goes over $100/week!!

    This way of eating has just become natural of us. We're still learning (of course) but we are really eager to continue to improve our health through eating whole and nutritious food. I wanted to register here because everyone seems very knowledgable and encouraging - if I have any questions, I'd love to have a reliable resource to turn to.

    So, "HI!"

    Oh! And if anyone is interested in swapping recipes or meal plans - I'm game!!