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      Originally posted by workinprogress View Post
      Fortunately most of the vegetables you like are high in Potassium. You might try some juicing, if the flavors without the texture appeal to you then maybe you can move onto the whole vegetable. Also I like making soups using an immersion blender. You can take most any vegetable, boil it in chicken stock, blend with the immersion blender and add cream or half and half to taste.
      A favorite with my family is to use red potatoes or yukon golds and leeks, trim the darkest part of the green from the leeks, cook til soft and proceed as above.
      I second this. Blend the shit out of them, and add them to everything. You can make soups, stews, and chili that are mostly vegetable content this way, without issues of texture. One of my favorite things is cream-cheese stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapenos - and the stuffing can be mostly meat or blended vegetables or whatever you want. I don't think it's a travesty to not be able to eat vegetables if you have to mash them, just mash them and eat them, at least you are getting them in. I love my immersion blender, it's freaking powerful, easy to clean (way easier than a regular blender), you can do so much with it.

      I would say to buy every vegetable you can get your hands on and try many preparation methods to find which texture works for you, but that is probably cost prohibitive (as it is for me, too bad veggies cost relatively so much compared to junk food).
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