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A belated introduction

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  • A belated introduction

    I have been on here for a couple of months (mainly lurking) but have not introduced myself. I am Shane, I'm 22 and live in Bristol, England. I have been gradually coming around to the primal way of life more and more with lots of experimenting with new foods and am already feeling small differences.

    My aim now my holiday is over in which I did regress abit but not anywhere near as badly as could of been I plan to be more vigilant with my nutrition and training than I have ever been. This has also promoted a whole other perception on the way I live and act and hopefully will help to make any necessary changes

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    Welcome Shane! I think gradual experimentation, and baby steps are the best ways to introduce lasting change into a person's diet and exercise routine. I send my best wishes that this will be the beginning of a journey to a healthy, joyful, exciting life!

    See my journal, The Balancing Act: Integrating Primal into My Life, for menu plans, musings, and more.


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      Originally posted by Shane. View Post
      live in Bristol, England.
      There's at least one other member down your neck of the woods. Hopefully they'll get in touch with you.
      Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut when a steam roller is even more effective, and, is fun to drive.


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        Thankyou for the welcomes. I know a few paleo people from training although not sure if they are on here also. I have basically tried to keep it simple with the meals as this is much easier to cope with and are much quicker to cook which suits our lifestyle.