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  • Need Some Help with Challenges

    Hello All,

    If anyone can offer any tips or suggestions to the following challenges, I'm all ears.

    1. The day starts with coffee and that blasted, addictive Coffeemate creamer. I've given up coffee at least 10 times, only to go back to it...after 5 days of constipation I just can't take it anymore and I go right back to it. I know I have to give it up, but I'm kicking & screaming about it. Is it possible to give up coffee once and for all?

    2. I have a high-stress job as an executive director of a senior community, and the hours are crazy, with calls in the middle of the night, etc. It's hard to get water in or eat regularly. I'd quit but I actually enjoy what I do. The employees think they're being kind by leaving a grilled cheese sandwich, chips and a coke on my desk for when I get a chance to take a bite.

    3. My husband owns a bar so I can drink for free if I want to. Not a huge issue, but it's a fun business and a part of our lives. He can eat what he wants and not gain a pound, and he's not very supportive by bringing pizza home twice a week.

    So now I've been 30 pounds overweight for the last 10 years--after getting hit by a car and being fed nothing but carbs for a brain injury, I've never been able to get back to the fit athlete I used to be, even though my brain has recovered

    It took a good year to actually post something on a forum--so I'm feeling a bit vulnerable and desperate. Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Hey Lifeswitch,
    Good for you for committing to change, that's the hardest part for most people!
    Did you read Mark's book already? Lots of good insights that I won't even attempt to paraphrase.

    Looking at your situation, I think you need to give yourself some time, not all changes towards a primal lifestyle happen overnight.

    Many people don't give up their coffee, but if you want to kick the addiction try reducing the caffeine first? I am not sure as I don't drink it on a regular basis; have you heard of Crio Bru?
    Still in the grand scheme of things, there are other culprits in the average american diet (grains, sugar and bad oils for example).

    I've read on these forums that it is entirely possible, so hang in there.

    Re: number 2 you need to plan your meals for work, see Mark's book as it's got some pointers. Essentially if you don't plan ahead of course you will be left with non-primal options. Pack your leftovers for lunch (or canned sardines, or something else!), cut up veggies (peppers, carrots, cucumbers...) and take nuts or dried (no-sugar added) fruits for snacks; look for primal take-out options around your place of work and make people notice this is your go-to last minute option so they can switch to that if they want to help. To avoid the sodas, turn to your water fountain at the office, if you don't have one, bring your fresh water bottle each day.

    #3, well again here is a test of your will power. A glass of wine here and there is widely accepted, so embrace it and skip the other options for the sake of YOUR health choices. Alcohol will put a serious dent in your plan, so stick to your guns! Your husband may come around if he sees the changes you are able to trigger in your own body & mind with the primal lifestyle.

    Your husband isn't force feeding you the pizza I presume? Commit to your health and stick to the plan.

    If you've already read Mark's book, read it again. Keep a journal maybe?
    Give it a REAL shot and give you the means to success. There are many high profile business people who make it happen, I'm sure you can too.

    Come back to the forum for support and more advice, but do your homework and try hard.

    There is no shortcut, only hard work and dedication but it will get easier!

    Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
    My sporadic journal entries are here.

    Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!