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Karock's Overdue Intro, Columbus OH

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  • Karock's Overdue Intro, Columbus OH

    Howdy folks. I'm overdue in this posting, I've been lurking a while and posted a few times.
    I live in Columbus, OH, and have been 'primal' for about two months now. I'm admittedly loosely primal, I'm finding it tough with a adamantly non-P spouse and I'm a homebrewer, so consumption on those two fronts is a bit higher than I like.
    I was vegetarian for about two years ending in the spring, and during that time I'd swelled to about 180lbs. Being 5'8", that was... jiggly. Did some CW dieting to get in shape for getting married in June and dropped some, but then went right back up.
    Went to Oktoberfest here in C-bus, when I got the pictures back from that I mentally said "Oh, no. This can't be." while at the same time having a harder time buttoning pants. (I'm the one in the blue hatched shirt and oktoberfest hat) (Yes the beer was awesome. Oktoberfest falls right at my birthday, so as far as I'm concerned all the hullabaloo and kegs are in my honor )

    Did some looking, actually found a recommendation to this site on my motorcycle forum. Studied, started, been working out and eating probably right at the 80/20, with maybe a smidgen more beer than is probably condoned, but hey, we all have our vices....
    I don't have a current picture yet, but as of this morning I'm at 166lbs, in two belt holes and visibly larger shoulders and smaller belly. This is working, and I love it. I feel more alert and am sleeping better, and I'm ENJOYING my lift and sprint days, its fun, not treadmill drudgery!
    I'll get a picture up soon showing improvement, but that same shirt isn't all pudged out in the front anymore.
    Other 'obligatory' questions: Yes to dairy, but not a lot. Coffee and tea every day. I'm currently digging bodyweight exercises, and favorite food right now is a good crock-potted chicken, but come summer that will likely switch back to whatever meat I'm grilling that day.
    I still have some challenges around a non-primal spouse and a sitting all day job (I'm an IT guy), and that I leave for work and come home in the darkness this time of year, which doesn't help motivation or sun gathering. I'm working to improve on all of those fronts.

    Thanks to everyone here that contributes. I'm not a huge poster, but I read everything and have gleaned so much info off of you folks its amazing. Thank you for helping me (and continuing to) improve my life.