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Hi from Santa Cruz Mountains, Cali!

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  • Hi from Santa Cruz Mountains, Cali!

    Hi all!

    Been lurking for a couple of years now and finally decided to take the plunge for a number of reasons. My bf went Paleo 2 years ago so I decided to do it with him. However, he's been very strict with it and me about 90%. Still have some things to give up and am working on it with his assistance.

    The weight and inches lost by my bf has been incredible! He just hit a new weight record last week (high school weight!). But what really pushed me over the edge is a couple of weeks ago, we went shopping at Costco with the intentions of purchasing in bulk to help save the everyday "hunting" for our food and trying to save some money. Everything we purchased (mostly meat and eggs) said it was "organic" and "cage free." Well, after 1 day of eating "organic" I started to become very ill (stomach pains, nausea, etc). I didn't think too much of it until after 3 days of continuing to eat as I was, the pains kept getting worse. We immediately went back to eating farm fresh and back to our farmer's markets and to our sustainable foods and what do ya know.....I instantly felt 110% better after 1 day!

    My father who is 86 and has been doing Paleo for many years now just had a complete physical and was told by his physician that he is "healthier than any 86 year old he's ever known!" No ailments! Basically 86 going on 20! He is a business owner, professional musician (jazz pianist), organist/choir master, husband and incredible father!

    So....I'm in! I look forward to the support network and look forward to the challenges!

    I can do this!