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    I've lost a total of about 75 pounds over 7 years using various plans. The last 25 came off via low-carb and I find I'm much happier on a low-carb diet than otherwise. By happier, I mean "less hungry." I love weightlifting so to humor myself I started looking at low-carb diets geared towards athleticism, which for obvious reasons led to Paleo. I'm drawn to Primal Blueprint because of the embrace of dietary fat and use of some dairy. I tried low-carb and low-fat together and was just as miserable as I was when eating high-carb, low-fat. I love cheese. And cooking with butter rather than coconut oil in everything appeals to me more. I like coconut oil but a lot of things just taste better with butter.

    I'm at a healthy BMI and am pretty fit and active. But I wear a size 8 and would really like to get slimmer for totally vain, aesthetic reasons. If you account for vanity sizing, I'm about the size now I was as an adolescent (I'm 37) although that fat is clearly distributed differently (more gut and thigh, less boob). I'd like to look as bad ass as I feel, basically. Hopefully Primal will get me there.

    I've read The Primal Blueprint and have the first cookbook. I also have a Cordain cookbook and just bought Well Fed and 500 Paleo Recipes. I enjoy cooking, fortunately and I tweak a lot of the recipes from low-carb books to be Primal. I'm picky as hell, so I've gotten really good at tweaking recipes. I don't know that I've once in my life followed a recipe to the letter.

    I'm an ex-vegan, LOL. The vast majority of the weight came off after I went back to omnivorous eating - big surprise.

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis some years ago but it seems to have all but gone into remission, thank goodness. Diagnosed with IBS after I had my gall bladder removed, but psyllium and probiotics seem to do a good job at controlling it.

    As mentioned, I lift weights. I also really enjoy walking outdoors but I hate the heat/humidity and don't really like being outdoors in the summer months. Fortunately, I live in New York City so "summer" constitutes only June-August. It has to get pretty darn freezing/windy/rainy/icy/blizzardy before the weather hampers my winter walking.

    When I'm not at work (I'm a librarian), cooking, lifting or walking, I'm reading. I'm goofy for European crime fiction but am trying to branch out a little. I recently finished Wolf Hall, which was pretty good. But then I went right out and bought some Henning Mankell and Tana French.