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Hormonal warfare

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  • Hormonal warfare

    Sounds a bit exaggerated, but that's how it feels inside for about 4 years already.

    hello, I am Wilhelmina (since it's such a mouth full we make Mina from it), living in the wonderful
    wooded area of Northern Sweden. Since 4 years I am dealing with hormonal disbalances, which
    makes it impossible for me to loose those 12 pounds, I still have to shed. At least up till now that
    is, since I have no idea what to do about it anymore (tips are more then welcome!).

    At the moment I am a Paleo dieter, for quite a while already, but up till now I can't really find a
    rhythm in it, which should work for me. Main goal is getting my health back and then probable
    the rest will all come by itself.

    I hope with Mark's daily apple I can achieve just that!



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    Hej Mina,

    Welcome to the forum, its great to see more swedes here !



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      Hej Jonas, tack s mycket


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        Hi Mina,

        Have you had your hormones analyzed by bloodwork done at the doctor's office? Do you know exactly what is "wrong" with your hormones? Depending on your particular issues (low progesterone, or high estrogen, or high testosterone, etc.), that may make different ways of paleo eating more helpful (low-carb, vs. moderate-carb, for example).

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          Ow right, I should have mentioned sorry. What doctors I haven't seen. From specialists like the gyn to alternative healers. Estrogen dominance it is! The most bothersome complaints: It looks like I aged quite rapidly in the face the last couple of years, intolerances, fibromyalgia, moments of hairloss, infertility, PMS (tho right after I feel even worse), irregular heartrhythm so now and then, water retention, troat and nose problems cycle related, skin issues, IBS, violent,long and irregular periods, etc...


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            Do you take bio identical progesterone to counter your estrogen dominance? Your symptoms sound like low
            progesterone to me. How about your thyroid and adrenals?

            I would recommend downloading this book from amazon. It is really good.

            Secrets of bioidentical hormones by Y L Wright. Gives you all the supplements to take too. Like vitamin d, mg, selenium and zinc.

            Also with your fibromyalgia search on the forum for leaky gut. Heal it with probiotics and L-glutamine and go 100 PERCENT GLUTEN FREE. :-)
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              You think my problems are progesterone related instead of estrogen Rueben? They tried to give me synthetic progesterone, but I reacted so damn allergic to those pills I had to quit immediately again. I try to find balance in my food instead and added on advice maca for hormonal balance.

              But something else happened last weekend: After eating raw sauerkraut I got a massive gall-attack. My gall bladder is removed in 1989 already, but still I do remember those attacks and it was most def. one! Some were already wondering if my liver function is oke, well apperantly not. Big bummer, because I have to restrict eggs and bacon, meat overall for now.

              For probiotics I just ordered kefir grains, that I can add to my diet quite soon. Gluten free I am, since I got a gluten intolerance. No way I touch the grains anymore! L-glutamine I will look up. Thanks


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                If your estrogen is actually HIGH, then something else is going on. Maybe thyroid related. If it's just in comparison to your progesterone (meaning the progesterone is actually low), then you should be supplementing something to make up for the progesterone. The only way to know that is for an actual blood test to check hormone levels (wasn't clear to me from what you said if you'd done this).

                Progesterone can be supplemented from different herbs (Vitex, Chaste berry, dong quai) or from a progesterone cream. I wonder what you took before that caused the allergic reaction.
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                  I am on a hormone rollercoaster too. My symptoms sound similar to yours. I too have turned out to be very estrogen dominant. So need to balance that properly by adding progesterone. My doc is starting me on Chaste Berry, but will switch to bio-identical natural progesterone if that doesn't work well.

                  Also you need to have your thyroid properly checked for Free T4 and Free T3 etc. I had been taking Synthroid which is T4 only and am not converting to T3 as it was very low. So it will be interesting to see how that all pans out. Good luck... hormones can be a B.
                  Started Primal June 2012 at 148.5lbs, and 5' 1", reached goal weight in 5 months.
                  Lowest weight 93lbs - too thin. Now stable at around 100lbs much better weight for me at my age.
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                    The meds were called primolut NW. First day I took all the muscles were sore, second day even my lips were swollen. I tried 2 days more, because I only had to take them for 10 days, but it started to itch everywhere, heart was racing and I couldn't sleep at all. Then I stopped and it was put on my medical black list. After that I didn't recieve anything anymore, it was just to try to go through it and hope it stops soon. Got those reactions on more hormonal meds, like prednisolon and some birth control meds.

                    Silver girl when they checked my thyroid they said it was okay. But because my cycle was a mess and they can't find any cause they said I must be in the pre menopause. I used soja products and it was strongly adviced to quit with soja immediately. They said in the pre menopause the thyroid can start to work slower and soja makes it worse. Must say when I stopped taking it the gaining stopped as well. At least with the paleo diet the irregularity of the menstruation stopped and it became way less painful and shorter. That's a big plus already.

                    I have heard about vitex and don quai, will check it out, thanks!


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                      Be as careful with the herbs as you are with the synthetic medications. They can, and will, work like any old pharmaceutical.

                      I am also estrogen dominant with normal estrogen levels and lower progesterone levels. I reacted very poorly to bio-identical progesterone when I tried it 4 years ago. I've found diet and exercise have worked the best for me. I have not had my levels checked in the past 2 years, but I think I'm going to order a salivary test from Hormone Testing adrenal cortisol dhea E2 Pg T DS Cx4 Thyroid TPO TSH T3 T4 Vitamin D IGF-1 PSA prostate (where I did the test a few years ago). My cortisol was all screwed up, too.

                      Sorry, that link wasn't supposed to appear.

                      Since eating more Primal foods my period has become regular. I'm 47 and in the wild middle of peri-menopause. I was getting my period every 2-3 months and now I've had it every month I've eaten Primal. I love it! In addition, my rapid heart rate has also subsided. All signs my hormones are coming back into control.

                      Good luck to you! *Normal* thyroid levels do not mean you aren't have symptoms from thyroid hormones. For example, even though the TSH range might be considered normal, you could very well be having negative symptoms despite being in the range. I am trying to get my TSH down.

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                        Just a word to the wise regarding the doctor saying your thyroid ok. Mine said it was ok too, but they only did TSH and T4 which is a normal test to do. After getting the more comprehensive test that I arranged through a Naturopath, I discovered that I was not converting T4 to T3 so would get the strong thyroid issues. If you haven't got a free T3 level then you need one.
                        Started Primal June 2012 at 148.5lbs, and 5' 1", reached goal weight in 5 months.
                        Lowest weight 93lbs - too thin. Now stable at around 100lbs much better weight for me at my age.
                        Primal, minus eggs, dairy and a myriad of other allergens.


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                          Yes you have a say. What pregnant, hormonal, woman wants to deal with a mass of people she doesn't know or care about! I would sit down and talk to both your mother and mother-in-law. I would say that for the shower, you want to keep things small because you are not going to enjoy yourself if there are too many people there. Tell them that you are planning on sending out baby announcements, so people who 'they bought baby gifts for' can chose to send you a gift if they want. But that is a really greedy standpoint. I really understand what you are dealing with, my mother-in-law is the same way and I managed to convince her to cut down the shower to about 30 people. My mom and I are so on the same page, so that one I didn't have to worry about. And you really don't need that much for the baby, tell your husband that you would rather do without some 'frills' gifts to keep your sanity. If worst comes to worst, you can always just say you will not come to the shower if it is huge. Seems like emotional warfare, but they aren't playing fair either. Sorry you have to deal with such a touchy situation.