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First day and a little nervous..

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  • First day and a little nervous..


    Well I found this site after searching the web. I need a change. Tired of being tired, tired of my medical issues. I used to eat sort of this way but fell off the wagon and all my symptoms came back. So I found this site and thought... I will have a support team to help this time and resources too! I can do this. I let life get in the way and my health goes to the side...

    A little nervous that will happen again. I want to stick with this...

    (Wish I lived in a little house the woods, with no stress, no stressful job, no worries, no money worries, so I could spend my time only worrying about what to eat and how to exercise.... sigh) LOL I need help with balance.. Any suggestions?

    I'm 44 years old and I want to feel healthy. I'm 95% positive I have PCOS. Hair loss, weight gain for no reason even when you eat healthy the way the gov. says to eat,, female health problems, but I finally got insurance. (heavens open up and the angels are singing!!!) I go to the DR. on the 26th.

    I have A LOT of stress in my life. A LOT!!!! Trying to handle it one day at a time. And on top of all that I'm a stress eater. Great combo!! LOL (closing eyes... dreaming of house in woods)

    Not going to go into all the details of my crazy upside down life. Don't want to make you all cry.

    So here are my goals...I was a runner. Ran a 1/2 marathon back in 2011. I sprained my ankle before the run and ran it anyway (Im very stubborn) and broke my toe after the run dropping something heavy on it in the garage. KLUTZ that I am... I want to run again, lose the weight so my clothes fit better and get my energy back. I know my health issues will improve and I wont have to have surgery.

    Okay off to search and learn more on this site. So glad I found it, so glad to be here!

    CW- 153
    GW- 130

    ✼ Mamaoftwins ✼
    Discover Wildlife ~ Raise Twins!
    I live in the land of the giants! Hubby 6'6" Twins 6'5" me 5'4"

    Sw ~ 153
    Cw ~ 153
    Gw ~ 130

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    Welcome! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


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      I will tell you this. I had some bad problems with anxiety, the point the doctor had me on 100mg of Zoloft daily. I tried primal earlier in the year, but unfortunately fell off the wagon. I, however, picked it back up about 3 weeks ago. When I am eating primal, my anxiety basically goes away and I no longer have need for the Zoloft.

      Good Luck!!
      Starting Weight - 280lbs
      Current - 280bs
      Goal - Around 200lbs(will be focusing on the mirror and not the scale then)
      Working hard to make a healthier and more active me.


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        Welcome, yes, eating primal will help your health in all sorts of areas, making it easier and easier to cope with stress and to keep following the plan and thus to meet your goals. Best wishes.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Thank you all for your encouraging words! Means alot.

          So far so good today.. Didnt feel like eating breakfast so ate around 10 (I had the day off from work! yippie) Ate 2 scrambled eggs and some bacon, coffee, stevia in the raw, and half and half.

          Lunch around 2 - I have the nutribullet. An awesome gift from my parents. So much easier than a blender for me. I had my smoothie of spinach, apple, banana, and flax seed.

          Not sure for dinner. Im cooking a roast and making tacos for everyone. Maybe I'll just eat the meat and steam some veggies

          Been cleaning like crazy today to keep myself busy and not think about food.

          Need to drink more water though. Water is so blah!

          This is my first time to sit down and check the site again. Going to go check some more posts and see what you all eat.
          ✼ Mamaoftwins ✼
          Discover Wildlife ~ Raise Twins!
          I live in the land of the giants! Hubby 6'6" Twins 6'5" me 5'4"

          Sw ~ 153
          Cw ~ 153
          Gw ~ 130


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            Ha, yes the house in the woods to get away from all the stressful modern life sounds good to me too. I'm currently listening to this after a three days of work evil related stuff:

            Glenn Gould 1932 - 1982 Beethoven Sonata.wmv - YouTube

            I'm going to get a nice glass of red in a bit and a pomegranate.

            At least with primal/paleo I know that I am eating the very best I can. That's one less stress anyway. Good luck and stick with it.


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              put some lemon juice in the water to make it less bland, or drink some (herbal) tea
              Good luck on your primal journey


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                I have stressed a lot in my life but finally learned to tune it out and live in the moment. Don't think about the future, concentrate on today, I'm 58, none of the crap I used to worry about ever came true and everything usually has turned out for the best. Read James Altucher's blog, he put's it in perspective. I walk with my dogs 1.5 miles every day in late afternoon, walking is the best stress release, never fail to come back feeling better.

                BTW I live in a redwood house on 3 wooded acres in a rural area. Everything always needs staining or mowing, the woodpeckers start hammering holes in the side of the house, the oak trees crash down in the yards, the gophers and ground squirrels are attacking the garden and various things, it can be very stressful

                Primal eating has definitely made me more even keeled emotionally and less prone to depression and stress, keep it up and good luck.