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New to Primal...Hello & Guidance needed

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  • New to Primal...Hello & Guidance needed

    Having experienced Low Carb eating with success in the past, currently I guess with factors such as age, Its just not working.

    I have researched thru the Primal eating and am very interested (thanks Mark) I have to admit alot of information and a little overwhelmed.

    But understand the basics Meat, vegies, some fruit & nuts, all natural. No Sugar, No flour...which is basically low carb that I am used to and is etched in my brain.

    Giving this a try, seems to be the way to go. I feel this forum will help me understand what I need to do.

    Hello to all.

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    Welcome. I think you have the gist of the eating. Don't forget to add some exercise ie weights, sprinting and some general movement. Avoid hours of cardio though. Good luck.
    Annie Ups the Ante