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    This is my third week of the primal lifestyle. The first week was pretty easy, last week was rough due to Halloween and my daughters birthday, and this week is worse because I am feeling like crap from all the crap I ate last week. I started feeling better pretty quickly after starting though in the beginning. I had a question about calories. Do you still count? I have been counting my carbs through myfitnesspal. I am really struggling this week. I am starving and tired.

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    Hi there, and welcome. No I don't count calories, although I keep an eye on carbs.

    I am sorry you are struggling. What are your aims with adopting the primal lifestyle?

    I don't think you should feel starving and tired, what are you eating?

    Remember how good you felt in week one? It is worth persevering to get the benefits. Keep educating and encouraging yourself, and you will succeed.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Welcome and good luck with primal.

      Make sure you get enough protein and fat.

      For some people, such as me, it has worked well to gradually reduce carbs until you start to lose fat but still have energy.
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        I do want to lose weight but only about 5 pounds. I've been losing wellso far. Im not too concerned about it. I ate more protein today and have felt much better. Thanks for your replies. I just want to feel good and lose a few pounds! Healthy for life is the primary goal.


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          I also having same problem and ultra slim pack helped me allot in this regards.