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    Hi, I haven't eaten a single grain since reading Primal Blueprint back in April. When I stopped, I still ate all kinds of potatoes and didn't restrict my sugar intake. I didn't go primal, but grains had been blacklisted! After about 6 weeks, the psoriasis that decorated my elbows, knees and head for nearly a decade disappeared. The memorably uncomfortable lactose intolerance I had been suffering from all my life was cured. Now everything is all good!

    I don't think I will ever eat grains again. My next step will be to eliminate sugars and see if I notice any changes. I thought I would make an account here and partake in some threads to help keep motivated. Nice to meet you guys.

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    HI Schenks! wow, not a single grain? that's very impressive. I do OK cutting out all the grains too, but I realized that things have gotten WAY out of control re: SUGAR. So I was planning to do a sugar detox, starting this saturday. i figure that since its a 3-day weekend, I can lock myself up in the house and detox in miserable solitude

    Reading your post gave me encouragement! Good luck with your own sugar elimination, I look forward to reading about your journey!