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  • Hi from TN

    Hey guys,
    I'm so glad that I came across this site and read many awesome success stories of other primal individuals here on MDA. First off, I'm of Asian decent and rice was a crucial part in my diet. I grew up as a chubby kid up until high school where I became physically active. Little did I know, I thought that I was healthy but now when I think of it, my physique was "skinny fat," weighing in at 165, standing at 5'11. I was thin but I never had six pack abs, although I did a lot of running and played sports everyday.

    Fast forward 6 years, I ballooned up to 275 at my largest. I said enough is enough because I hated how others would comment on how I looked and I myself hated how I look. So I began doing the CW approach of things and got down to 245. As many of us whom was desperate to lose weight and try to get in shape, I bought p90x and tried it. After a month, it got too repetitive though I lose a few pounds, I switched to its cousin, Insanity. After completing the insanity regimen, I got down to 225 but I didn't follow the diet plan and I also did not particularly eat clean, "go figure!" Lol

    Still deperate onto losing the last bit of my body fat, i stumbled across mda via searching about fat loss. I bought the book the same day and started the primal diet regimen. I reduced my carb intake for the past few weeks. From doing so, I did lose 10lbs but hit a plateau and now im sitting at 215 +/- 2. On the bright side, my primal journey is just starting so I'm excited to live a healthy life by being primal.

    I eat a lot of meats and I grew up as a meat eater. My problem is that I probably eat too much and it exceeds my daily caloric intake. My goals are to hit 170 and to finally get some 6-pack abs!!

    Anyways, sry for jabbering too much. Hopefully, we primal noobs and primal vets hold each other accountable in reaching our goals.

    - Tar
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    I'm with you on being a meat eater... It's my food if choice. I'm in TN too! I hope you well in this!


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      Hey Brookesam! Thanks for the comment. Hope you guys the best as well. Grok On!!!