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  • Hello!

    Hi everyone,
    I am a 24 year old (female) who lives on the Central Coast of NSW Australia.
    I have been dabbling in Primal for about 6 months now (I say dabbling, but all I have been doing is wasting time!) and I want to start doing this properly. I have tried "everything" Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Lite n Easy, Meal replacement shakes etc etc.

    Over the last few years I have dropped from my highest weight of 125kg (275lb), and I am now sitting around the 105kg (230lb) mark. This has been a massive achievement for me, but it should never have taken me YEARS to lose that amount of weight. I feel as though I have been trying to lose weight for so many years now, and I need to finally actually be proactive about weight loss before I get diabetes or heart disease etc.

    I have discovered a love of bush walking, and for the last few months I have been going on 2-3hr bush walks and walking up to 10km at a time. I found this love of walking in June when I was lucky enough to find myself in Spain and Italy and I felt so much stronger! Walking back here in Aus is fun too.

    I have read the Blueprint, bought the cookbooks and I ate eggs and bacon for breakfast.

    I would love it if anyone has any tips about what to do when that bread is calling my name and demanding I eat it. I would also love some help in regards to implementing a primal fitness plan. How do you guys stick to it? I have a feeling it involves sucking it up and just doing it - I am sure I can at least attempt that much =)

    Thank you ALL in advance!


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    Remove all temptations from your pantry is step one. Eat lots of good fats and that should help avoid snacking. Some people do better quiting grains cold turkey, while others have to wean themselves off. Whatever works best for you.