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Admitted Beachbody coach (no, I will not spam you) / Crossfitter! Change!

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  • Admitted Beachbody coach (no, I will not spam you) / Crossfitter! Change!

    Actually, I started this primal thing about a week ago, mostly as an experiment to see if my body fat will lower from removing grains/legumes. This past year, I've eaten pretty "clean" (minimizing processed foods and sugars), and that was a change of lifestyle that started about 1.5 years ago.

    From fast food junky, to cooking and experimenting with recipes, things were looking up! I went from a Zumba/gym goer to a Crossfitter. Yes, I'm currently a Beachbody coach, and yes, I do/did drink Shakeology (I tell you this, not because I'm selling you Insanity or Shakeology, but it's my backstory). Shakeology is on hold right now as I work this primal edge, which is drastically different than what I was used to.

    Not sure if it will be part of my 20%, but I'm in the experimental stages if this new primal lifestyle.

    my goal is to see if primal will improve my fat burning, give me a better performance output at Crossfit without grains/legumes.

    I am pretty sure my MIL is silently dying on her side of the US as I post about all the fats/dairy we have been ingesting. (She is violently opposed to dairy, is pretty much a nutritionist, drinks her shakes composed of the fresh grown kale/chard veggies from her garden, and is rather ne if the healthiest people I know). I posted about my trial with the "bulletproof coffee", and multiple people have asked "Why?" And what goal I'm trying to achieve with this (not knowing the methodology behind primal, I admit, it seems like I was doing a ton of fats for no reason)

    I am open to change as I experiment....I do believe that there is more than "one way to skin a cat"!

    As more background, I have 3 kids, am 36, own 11 bantam chickens for egg production, garden when the Texas heat doesn't kill $hit off, and cook with a solar oven when I can! That includes my nitrate free bacon wrapped jalepeno/mozzarella cheese stuffed breast of chicken which are in the solar oven, NOW (using up the cheese we have, although, yes, I have raw cheese on hand)