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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone!

    This is my first post and I'm looking for a little guidance on my diet. But first I'd like to shamelessly talk about myself for a minute. Bear with me .

    I read The Primal Blueprint about a month ago along with The Omnivore's Dilemma and with all that information about the Standard American Diet and the effects it has on us both physically AND mentally. I just could not stomach eating improperly anymore and shifted 100% to a primal lifestyle. It took a little doing as I had no cooking skills and have used this website's recipes as a crash course on that aspect. (Spaghetti Squash Casserole anyone?) So thank you everyone for those!

    I can say that within 3 days of the switch I felt the brain fog/chronic depression lift. I began to smile more and enjoy things that usually seemed bleak. At that point I was absolutely hooked. I also dropped 8 pounds of fat and have leaned out considerably. I count myself lucky as I don't get carb cravings anymore after that first week, and am quite content with fresh fruit or berries to cater to my sweet tooth. I also cut dairy out of my diet except for the full fat greek yogurt I use in my smoothies. And my heavy cream I have in my coffee. I bought myself a big bag of local grass fed beef and bison jerky, as well as a box of locally raised frozen chicken breasts.

    My meals typically go like this:

    Breakfast: 1 omega 3 capsule (one a day extra strength)
    3-4 egg (local farm fresh) omelette with mushrooms,peppers,onions
    or a Smoothie if I'm in a hurry (banana,strawberries,greek yogurt, whey protein)

    My lunches are a Big Salad: Mixed Greens, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cukes, assorted peppers, onions, snap peas, broccoli and whatever dressing i whipped up in the last day or so

    Supper is usually Chicken breasts done a certain way or eggs again (I never get sick of them)

    Throughout the day I snack on nuts (assorted, as the only store that has bulk macadamias as been out of stock for 3 weeks) and jerky, and an apple or something

    But here is my problem!

    I work a job with very long hours and breaks are few and far between. Rarely getting a lunch break let alone time to really relax and eat a meal. So I find myself relying a lot on nuts to get me through the day. I am aware of the omega 6 to 3 ratio but I was wondering if my activity level, which is maybe slightly above what Mark recommends in his book (job related) as well as my high omega 3 intake daily would negate the consequences of too many nuts during the day. Or would it be more beneficial to me to find another means of sustenance throughout the day.

    Thank you all in advance for reading through this whole thing and for any insight you can offer. Also any tips about anything would be greatly appreciated!


    PS Nut intake = < 100g/day give or take

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    what if you add more protein or fat to your salad? canned fish? avocado? You may snack less if you added protein or fat. If you added tuna or salmon it would also balance the omega ratios.

    Others could give more advice, but that's my initial observation