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So excited to be here, my journey to this site!

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  • So excited to be here, my journey to this site!

    Hello and a big hi from me here in Sydney.

    I'm turning 42 in february and since I turned 40 I have been doing the ol' calorie counting and gym and my weight was doing nothing!! WTF! I have steadily gained weight since having 6 miscarriages and then having two miracle children 1 year apart. When I got married I weighed 58 kg (and thought I was overweight then sheeh I was gorgeous!). I now weigh 72.3 kg having lost 3 kg in last two weeks thanks to this amazing new way of living.

    I went into a health food shop to get some stuff I'd seen on the Dr Oz show (why hasn't he cottoned on to this?) and a young fit looking guy in there listened to me bitch about my cal counting and gym and the fact I was gaining not loosing. He told me to go out and buy Primal mind, Primal body. He was so passionate about it that I went home and downloaded it straight away and OMG it all made sense. Everything Nora said resonated with me! Holy moly where was this book 6 years a go?

    So straight away I dumped all grains, wheat, bread, pasta, processed food, sugar out of my life. I look upon those things now as poison. I then went out bought grass fed meat, free range organic chicken and bacon, pork belly, lard and ghee. I have to say the next 7 days were not pretty. I was tired, it felt like there was fog in my head and by god was I a cow to my kids and husband. Plus I kept shaking and feeling jittery and like my heart was racing and anxious all the time. I understood I had carb flu so just kept snacking on fat and nuts.

    Day seven dawned, I woke up an hour earlier (I have continued to do so) and I felt like I could fly!! This energy is amazing. I liken it to the energy kids have on a hot day at the beach, we all sit under the umbrellas and they run around never stopping. My head was finally clear, no fogginess. I am now well into my third week. My clothes are looser, especially my knickers (finally my big bum is going!) and my waist has lost 5 cm. My face is noticeable leaner and that is because all of it's bloatedness is gone. Even around my upper eyelids, no puffiness. My eyes and skin sparkle. I now get no plaque on my teeth, and my nails are no longer breaking but tough as, well, nails lol.

    My husband told me last night that the difference in my mood is amazing. He said I'm so upbeat, all the time. He said there are no ups and downs I just seem so happy. I am, my poor fat laden insulin resistant body is obviously rejoicing in this new regime.

    He is so amazed that he is now day 5 of the dreaded carb flu. He laughed cause he said he needed a snack of cheese and I said grab yourself some salami with it to help with the carb flu. He said that is one sentence he never thought his wife would say lol!

    Been difficult getting my head round the fat thing, we are definitely brain washed re this. So that's me so far, I look forward to getting know you all and picking your brains too!

    Cheers Eds

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    Fantastic, Eds. So excited for you, and that your dh has got on board too is great.

    I know what you mean about the brainwashing regarding fats, that is one of the highlights of this way of eating - such a delicious way to solve the sugar fluctuation problem, lol. But it is also one of the things hardest to convey to a nonbeliever.

    I look forward to reading about your progress.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      It seems great to be here. Lot's of things and topics are here which are very helpful. Hope i shall get all the answers here.