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    I'm Sadiya and I'm 24yrs old. I was diagnosed with a flat foot when I was 11 and recommended by my doctor to wear shoes with an arch support. However, an X-Ray determined that the right navicular bone of my left foot had extended.
    Couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a Sinuvitis in my right knee. I followed physiotherapy n yet I have difficulties in folding my knee. A year later I had Bell's Palsy for which I was advised steroids, that increased my weight leading to more pain in my right knee as well as my left foot.
    Another doctor suggested that I have weak muscles and bones and due to the increase in weight, I was having pain mainly as I have a teaching job requiring me to stand for longer periods of time.
    I have been following the physiotherapy religiously due to which my knee has been quite stable (albeit I have slight difficulties in folding). But my left foot has a dreadful pain every other time I do even a little physical activity. It's totally making my health miserable. The doc has asked me to spend time on a tread mill at least 30 minutes per day for a brisk walk. But unfortunately I'm unable to do so due to the pain. I follow a normal diet. Nothing heavy or light.. Just moderation of everything.
    I weigh 142 pounds and I need to lose at least 20 pounds ASAP. What do I do?

    Please help...

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    This is a heck of a difficult question impinging on some highly technical areas. I'm not qualified to answer it, but I'll try to point to some resources.

    I think it possible that the steroids cover up symptoms but don't address the root of the problem. I don't know if anyone has successfully tried to address Bell's Palsy with a paleo diet. However, I would definitely try googling "paleo bell's palsy" to see. I think you might also make your way over to Robb Wolf's site, find the search box there, and search for "bells palsy" across his site.

    I'm not clear why the doctor wants you to do so much cardio exercise. Is it supposed to help weight-loss or what? If it's hurting you, I think you should tell him or her. I guess 30 mins gentle exercise a day is good for most people, but perhaps you could do something else - swimming?

    Bangalore's in India, isn't it? I'd have thought you could find better yoga teachers there than in the West. Would that be an area worth looking into?

    I wouldn't worry too much about weight-loss. It tends to drop off if you cut back on carbohydrate, particularly refined carbohydrate, and get plenty of sleep. Enough sleep, in a room that's as dark as you can make it, has a huge but generally unrecognized effect on this.

    I'm sorry I've nothing better.


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      In addition to swimming, may I suggest water aerobics. It can involved not only some aerobics but also sprints, resistance and flexibility work.
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        Thank You Lewis and Hedonist2.

        Yes, Bangalore is in India and I have been doing Yoga for a couple of weeks now. I shall check for the things you've mentioned. I just hope to be fit as a fiddle one day.