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  • Hello!

    Hello all. I am going into my 3rd month with PB and I know that this is life-changing for me. With primal fitness and way of eating, I have shed fat, I know it! The scale shows a solid 12 pound loss and i am strong and feel overall much better already. Cutting out starchy carbs were really easy for me and I am consistently around 60grams a day...sometimes below 50.

    Going in to April I am cutting out the FAGE greek yogurt. I am addicted to it and have it every day with nuts, berries and stevia. I may give up the cream in my coffee as well as I am overweight and losing this fat is a huge priority for me. I am also really going to try and focus on getting the 2-5 hours of low-leval cardio in as the weather has turned a corner and we live walking biking distance to everything! Currently, I get 3 strength sessions in a week, along with one sprint per week.

    Anyway, I've spent the last 2 months reading here and you guys are such an awesome group and I feel like this way of living is such a good fit for me. So, thank you for being here!