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  • Good Day !

    Just here to say hi to you all, introduce myself and tell of my success… good to know there's a community of you folks. When I tell my family/friends what I eat now, they look at me as if I'm crazy, but simultaneously say, what should I eat for this meal, how are you so lean?

    My basic story is this.. I used to weigh 178 a few years ago.. at 5'8, that's rather hefty (I'm from Texas, what can I say). It led to a downspiral of depression, chronic sickness and lethargy. I adopted new habits to shed the weight and worked hard to get down to the 155 mark, which took year.. quite an improvement, but I was still very plain in my body composition. I used a lot of conventional wisdom to do so..

    I went primal about 2 months ago, flirting w/ the 80% rule.. I like beer At my age w/ tons of bachelor parties, weddings etc, it is hard to stick to it 100%, but it's more motivation for me during the week to be strict as ever after weekends I'm naughty. Since going to it 2+ months ago, I'm nearly fat less and my obliques, lats and abs have really begun poking out. Lost 9 pounds more of mainly fat. I AM an avid cyclist, going w/ the chronic cardio crowd, however. I've been training for a long endurance ride coming up in a few weeks since I've adopted it.. this will taper down big time after the ride is over.

    So what benefits have I seen?

    Tons of energy. I can do a 4 hour long bike ride at 6 AM and still have enough energy to run my errands after and not crash until bedtime.

    Less sickness. My office workers are constantly sniffling, coming down w/ the cold.. hasn't affected me at all. Additionally, Houston is terrible w/ pollen… every year prior I've had symptoms and taken allergy meds. Not once has it flared up this season.. my Visine bottle for red eyes is still full this season and slowly expiring.

    Getting leaner and leaner!! It's almost scary how lean I'm becoming. After the long ride in a few weeks, my intention is to gain some lean mass.

    No bloating. I used to eat rice and bread throughout the day and took GasX like vitamins… now I don't touch it. No bloating whatsoever.. only on the days I do eat some grains or throw back some beers, so I def see a correlation. I'm Asian so giving up the rice was hard, but now I don't look back. I do eat yams for the extra carbs though since I cycle a lot.

    Cost. I've actually saved money even opting for the higher end grass fed meats, organic as much as possible because I don't spend money eating out for lunch or expensive dinners. I cook at home knowing what's going into my body.

    Taste. Other than the occasional albeit less, sugar cravings, eating primal tastes damn good. Can't get enough coconut.

    More confidence… is it me or does going primal express some genes that make you feel much more confident throughout the day??

    Hope to learn more on this forum, meet some fellow Primalates and contribute what I learn in the process!

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    Good work! I like the "getting leaner and leaner...almost scary how lean i'm getting" part. I wanna be in that position!!


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      hello and welcome!